Arulvakku is Tamil Bible online, a place to read the Holy Bible. It was designed to be used by the Christians all over the world. It is made easy to search for a particular word or verse from the bible and to read it in a simplified way. It tracks down all the similar search words from the whole of bible and gives it with the relevant verses for easy reading and researching the bible. It was created in 1998 and it has served the Christians everywhere, especially to those places where the Holy Bible can not be carried or read.

Besides containing the whole bible, hosts several other useful resources for Christians, like prayers in Tamil, hymns used in the church and related videos.

Now, also launched an online shopping – non profit – to cater to the needs of the Christians all over the world to make it easy for them to avail themselves of the Christian products from Tamilnadu. will make available all the Christian productions like Audio Cassettes and CDs and Video CDs and printed books and leaflets.

195, Vakkil New Street
Simmakkal, Madurai
Tamilnadu 625001 INDIA
e.mail: rasa @

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