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Our Lady Of Good Health Church, Packiapuram, Kodaikanal

Our Lady Of Good Health Church,
Dindigul Dt,
Pin – 624101.


St. Antony Church, Muthalagupatty, Dindigul

St. Antony Church,
Pin – 624 002


St. Thomas Church, Batlagundu, Dindigul

The protestant missionaries started their ministry in Batlagundu in 1834 and the Catholics were small in number and their faith was very shallow. Msgr. Peter Leonard made it a parish in 1944, granting the request of the Catholics, on condition that thery should support the priest and should be regular for Sunday Mass.

Batlagundu is situated 70 kilometres away from Madurai on the way to kodaikanal, under the foot of Kodai-Hills. Agriculture is the main occupation of the people of this area. In 1979 Fr. T. A. Michael constructed the new parish church, and dedicated it to apostle, St. Thomas. Fr. Sebastian, the first Vicar Forane, constructed the new presbytery in 1990. There are 700 Catholic families in the parish.

St. Thomas Church,
Dindigul Dt.
Pin – 624202

Infant Jesus Church, Ugarthe Nagar, Dindigul

Ugarthe Nagar Infant Jesus Church parish was bifurcated from Shenbaganur on 30.08.2009. It is situated in the district of Dindigul and in the Taluk of Kodaikanal. It is the 8th parish in the Kodaikanal hills.

This parish has three substations namely Utcot, Srinivasapuram, Carmelpuram. The total circumference of this parish is around 8kms, and its territories are srinivasapuram, Anandagiri 7th street, Utcot, Ugarthe Nagar and Carmelpuram. There are around 4000 people in this area and among them 400 families are Catholics. 2000 is the Catholic population.

The main work of the people is cultivation; some work as drivers and guides. There are also good numbers of teachers and government workers. But, most of the people are petty shop owners or work in hotels as servers and attendants.
The new presbytery was built in 2009. Worship at this place began in 1975 with a small Arockia Annai “Kurusadi”. Since people were increasing in number, again it was renovated and rebuilt as a small church in 2003 by Fr. Xavier Raj, the then parish priest of Munjikkal. Another chapel of the Carmelite Cloistered Sisters is also used for public liturgy and worship for the convenience of the people at Carmelpuram. This area ‘Ugarthe Nagar’ is named after a Jesuit priest called Fr. Emile Ugarthe, a priest from Spain. Out of his love for the people, he made all arrangements to distribute lands freely and to build houses for the poor Christian labourers. There are six religious Congregations ministering in this parish. The Parish church is to be built yet.

Infant Jesus Church,
St. John Maria Vianney Illam,
Ugarthe Nagar,
Dindigul dt- 624104.

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Our Lady of Nativity Church, Silukkuvarpatti, Dindigul

The origin of Silukkuvarpatti parish goes back to 1878. When in 1885 dreadful cholera broke out the the people of this village took a vow, that if protected from the pestilence, they would make a solemn procession of the Blessed Sacrament on the day of the feast of Corpus Christi.

According to the Jesuit historian, Fr. Leon Besse, S.J. the people of this village came to this place already in 1745 from different places like Tanjore and Salem. The church was built by Fr. Saint Cyr in 1854 and dedicated to our Lady of Health.

There was an eclipse in the life of this parish in 1895 when a certain Soarez came from Malabar and created a schism. Owing to the intercession of Our Lady, this schism died out in 1897, when the leader repented, made a public act of submission and presented to the church a statue of our Lady of Lourdes. This again nourished the devotion to Our Lady.

One of the parish priests was Fr. Saveriar, the first diocesan priest of Trichy diocese. Being a holy man, he was known for his effective blessing. When he
died in 1909 he was buried near the church and people pray to him in their needs.
Some of the later parish priests have been: Fr. Sandena Manuel, E. Culas, A.S. Kulandai, V.M. Amalan, A. Vedamanikam and Susai Michaelraj.

At the time of Fr. Maria Diraviam, ten houses were built with the help given by Mgr. G. Casimir, S.J. for poor Harijans; in Kuranguthopu and Kullalakundru new school buildings were put up; two new parishes (Kavirayapuram and Kalladipatti) were created. With regard to lay participation it must be mentioned that the Catholic Harijan community built, on their own, a chapel for Ubagaramatha. The enthusiasm of the Catholic Action group and the Teachers’ Catechism group
seems to have cooled down in recent years. However lay participation is very strong in the Legion of Mary who visits houses, pray, aid the poor and help the parish priest at the time of festivals. Also Vincent de Paul Society, besides the unit at the centre, has units in Ammapatti, Sankarapurm, and Murukathooranpatti.

In 1997, the Middle School was upgraded into High School by Fr. Cyprian and the High School was upgraded as Higher Secondary School by Fr. Joachim in 2008. In the same year, a convent was built and St. Thomas Sisters were brought to Murugathuranpatty.

In 2003, 125th year anniversary of parish was celebrated by Fr. Antony Rajan.

Kurusadi with open chapel about half an acre which belongs to an individual at Arul Nagar was handed over to parish church by the effort of Fr. Joachim in 2008 in the presence of the Archbishop.

This Parish has produced many vocations: four Jesuits, two Brothers of the Sacred Heart, 10 priests and about 30 sisters for various congregations.

Our Lady of Nativity Church,
Silukkuvarpatti – 624 215, Dindigul Dt.
Telephone No :04543-233366

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St. Thomas’ Church, Perumalmalai, Dindigul

Perumalmalai is a newly created parish separated from Shenbaganur parish. The first parish priest was Fr. Augustine, s.j. who had the experience of helping the Repatriates of Sri Lanka. The second parish priest is Fr. Santiago s.j. who has been serving the people in places like Irudayakulam, Manamadurai, Thangachimadam etc. He is planning to begin a primary school in Poompparai, to conduct a fort nightly inter-faith prayer meeting on Fridays in the popular way-side shrine of Vanathuchinnappar. His bigger project is to liberate the poor Harijans from the clutches of the rich in Pannaikkadu by building them houses in a colony close to the church. The Diocesan parish priests namely Fr. N.A. Manuel, Fr. Susai Michael raj, Fr. Vimi Charlie have carried out the initial plan of the jesuit fathers.

St. Thomas’ Church (Estd 1987),
Perumalmalai, Kodaikanal,
Dindigul Dt. 624 108

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St. Joseph’s Church, Nilakottai, Dindigul

St. Joseph’s Church,
R.C. Church, Madurai Road, Nilakottai -624 208, Dindigul Dt.
Telephone :04543-233155

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Sacred Heart Church, Munjikkal, Dindigul

The first church built in Kodaikanal was the church of Our Lady of La Salette, built by Fr. Saint Cyr S.J. in 1866 by the donation of a Belgian lady who wanted to thank Our Lady of La Salette for the cure of her daughter. As the Catholic population in Kodaikanal was growing apace, the need of a parish church

was felt. Fr. Sebasthier S.J. bought in 1909 a site in Munjikal where a large portion of those Indian Catholics who had come up as butlers or watchmen or peons of Westerners had settled down. The church was completed in 1910.

Foundation stone was laid on 15th May, 1910 for parish church by the Bishop Barthe S.J. and the artistic and exquisite present parish Church was consecrated on October 4, 1911 by the same Bishop. In 1983 on the occasion of Diamond Jubillee of the Church

Fr. Vedamanickam renovated the altar. Feast of Sacred Heart of Jesus, the titular feast of the parish, is celebrated in the month of June every year. The feast of our Lady of La Saleth is celebrated on a very grand scale every August 15. On 15-08-2007, Kodaikanal parishes were carved out of Batlakundu Vicariate to form a new vicariate having Munjikkal as its centre.

In the beginning, the fathers and scholastics of Sacred Heart College, Shenbaganur went to minister to the needs of the parish. The first parish priest was Fr. Jolly S.J. who was succeeded by Frs. Froely S.J., Ketter S.J., Bonhoure S.J., Shembry S.J., Santiago S.J., A. Kulandaisamy S.J. D. Kulandairaj S.J., Amalraj S.J., Arul Joseph, and A. Vedamanickam

Fr. Bonhoure S.J., who had a great devotion to the Sacred Heart created the monument of the Sacred Heart appearing to Margaret Mary, in 1947 – 1949 Fr. D. Kulandairaj S.J. who was friendly with all and wanted friends, particularly to Fr. R. Croegeart and with their help built in 1973 the spacious and stately building called ‘Natpaham’ According to the wish of the donors the ground floor was meant to be a recreation hall for the youth, for which Fr. D. Kulandairaj S.J. managed to get from the Jesuit provincial a big Billiard Table- and the top floor to be a training centre for girls to learn stitching, embroidery and fibre work. However in course of time these intentions of the donors seem to have vanished into thin air.

Fr. Arul Joseph started a charismatic group which is active still.

Fr. A. Vedamanickam renovated the church changed the wooden altar into a stone altar, had it consecrated and celebrated fittingly the 75th year of the church.

The grand festival of the parish attended by a great concourse of people is the feast of Our Lady of La Salette, on 15th August. The chapel of La Salette is maintained by the Jesuits of La Providence, a holiday home of Madurai Jesuits, one of whom is a chaplain; at present it is Fr. V.K. George S.J., who looks after the needs of the Catholics around the chapel. Fr. Susai Michaelraj with his assistant Fr. A. Irudayaraj took initiative and formed pastors fellowship. Moved by the pitiable condition of Christians they have inspired laymen to form the Indian Christian Association. He formed Korshak. This aims at raising funds in order to facilitate mother – child welfare care, social welfare literacy programme; educational marriage and burial assistance. The following are the areas covered by the parish: Mannavanur, Gundupatti, Kavunji, La Saleth church, Call Seal Club Road, Sebastiar’s Church, St. Mary’s Road, Anandagiri 6 streets, Anna Nagar, Indira Nagar, Turnerpuram, Fernhill Road, Somasundaram Colony, Sivanadi Road, Kurinji Nagar, Keell Bhumi, M.M. Street, Observatory, Fatima Malai, Pamparpuram, Annai Teresa Nagar, Vattakanal, Thanthi Medu, Pudukkadu, Bliss villa, Antonyar’s street etc.

Sacred Heart Church,
Anandagiri (Post), Munjikkal,
Kodaikanal – 624 101, Dindigul Dist.

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St. Michael the Archangel Church, Michaelpalayam, Dindigul

Michaelpalayam was erected in the year 1964 at the time of Rev. Fr. Maria Soosai. It is situated in between Nilakkottai and Sempatti road – 5km away from Nilakkottai and 10 kms away from Sempatty. There are 10 sub-stations with a total Catholic population of 5000 in this parish. The circumference of this parish marks 5 kms. Most of the catholic people are farmers. The parish church was built and blessed by the first Archbishop of Madurai Most Rev. Peter Leonard in the year April 29th 1967.

St. Michael’s Church,
Michaelpalayam (P.O),
Nilakkottai (T.K)
Dindigul (dt.), Pin – 624215
Telephone: 04543-291404

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St. Antony of Padua, Mangalamkombu, Dindigul

This parish was established in the year 2004 in honour of St. Antony of Padua. It was bifurcated from the parish of Perumalmalai on 22.5.2004 by His Grace Dr. Peter Fernando. There was a small church here for about 50 years. It was built and blessed by His Grace Dr. M. Arockiasamy on 8.3.1996. Again it was renovated by Fr. Britto Raja Suresh, the first parish priest and was blessed by His Grace Dr. Peter Fernando on 26.3.2007; the presbytery was built by Fr.
Antonysamy the then parish priest of perumalmalai parish and completed by Fr. Britto Raja Suresh. It was blessed on 3.12 .2004.Mangalamkombu is situated 100 km North West of Madurai and 40 km North East of Kodaikanal in palani hills. It belongs to kamanur panchayat of Kodaikkanal Taluk, Dindigul district. There are five substations. The people are daily wage employees working in estates. There are three religious congregations working in this parish (HFB at Mangalamkombu, FSJ at pannaikadu, Cluny at Resiur)

St. Antony’s Church,
Mangalamkombu – 624216
Kodaikanal T. K., Dindigul Dist
Telephone :04542-266666

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