Infant Jesus Shrine, Guindy, Chennai

The Saviour of the world Lord Jesus Christ was born of the Virgin Mary as Infant Child (Luke 2:7). At the age of 30 He started His ministry. He preached the Good News (Mathew 5:1-12). He came across the temptation and won (Mathew 4:1-11), He cured the Paralytic (Luke 5:17-25). He healed the sick (Mathew 8:17). The lepers were cleansed (Luke 5:12-1.6), He gave life to the dead. (John 11:43-44). The blind got sight (Mathew 9:30). He cast out the evilspirit (Mark 5:1 -20). At the age of 33 Lord Jesus who did only good, had been caught by the enemies, they whipped and scourged Him. They made Him to carry the cross. They crucified and buried Him. (John 19:42). The third day He rose again from the dead and appeared to the apostles and seated at the right hand of the Heavenly Father in heaven (Mark 16:19). This Jesus is present today in Infant Jesus Shrine, Guindy and reigning over us.

The rise of Infant Jesus Shrine is a sign of miracle. In 1977 February 26th Mr. Morel, Irudayanathan, Shelton, Soundararajan, Dyriam together with Mr.Srinivasan & Mr. Jawahar made a small hut Chapel and kept the statue of Our Lady of Good Health and started devotion for the faithful to come and pray. By the hard work of Rev. Fr. Kanikairaj the present Shrine was built and was blessed and named as Infant Jesus Church by Late Arch Bishop Casimir Gnanathickam on January 10th 1988. Rt. Rev. Dr. Tony Devotta now the Bishop of Trichy by his tireless service for seven years as priest has developed the devotion to Infant Jesus. From 1993 – 2001 Rev. Fr. A. Antony Swamy worked very hard and developed School and shrine premises. From 2001 Rev. Fr. J. Anthony Raj has taken his place as Parish Priest and is taking keen attention to develop this shrine and the School.

There are people who really worked to help the faithful to come over here and pray. They were late Mr. S.P. Dyriam, Rosario Gomes, C. Alphonse, Morel, Louis, Irudayanathan, David, Stephen, Pakianathan, C. Verghese, Mariadoss together with Mr. Soundararajan, V.J. Joseph, K.J. Anthony, S. Michael, S. Joseph, Swamidass, Maria John, Wilfred Joseph, Vitus, Soosairaj, A. Anthrias & A. Preetham, We are grateful for their tireless work to the development of this Shrine,

Thousands and thousands of believers are being blessed by the Miraculous Infant Jesus.

In 1977, a small hut was put up as a chape! of Our Lady of Good Health. The present Shrine was built by Rev. Fr. Kanikairaj and was blessed and named as Infant Jesus church by late. Archbishop Dr Casimir Gnanathickam, on January 10th 1988. Rt. Rev. Dr. Tony Devotta, presently Bishop of Trichy, by his tireless service for seven years, has developed the devotion to Infant Jesus. During 1993-2001, Rev. Fr. A. Anthony Swamy worked very hard and developed the Shrine premises and Infant Jesus Matriculation School. From 2001 Rev. Fr.J. Anthony Raj is taking keen interest to develop the Shrine further.

A very large number of devotees received grace and blessing from the miraculous Infant Jesus. In recent times, there is a tremendous increase in the number of people visiting the Shrine. In view of this, the following renovation works are to be carried out in the Shrine.

Extension of Shrine. It is proposed to increase the plinth area of the Shrine in order to accommodate more faithful inside the Shrine.

Alteration of front-view of the Shrine. It is proposed to remodel the front view of the Shrine, so that the appearance of the Shrine becomes more graceful and enchanting.

It is essential to build a strong community of people who support each other when going gets tough, It is important to reach to the people around us. For that, the following social welfare activities are being carried out in our Shrine

24 Hours Prayer Service.

Scholarships and educational materials are given to deserving poor students of different communities.
Night school for less privileged children is conducted at Infant Jesus Shrine and at St. Antony”s Chapel Ekkattuthangal, a sub-station of the Shrine.

Blood donation camp, medical camp, eye-donation and eye check up camp are conducted periodically.
Free Marriage.

Naveena Swayamwararam (Matrimony Meet) for all the people.

Free meals distribution scheme for the poor students on a daily basis.

Arputha Kuzhandai Yesu-Monthly Magazine both in English and Tamil together.

For the above social service activities and renovation work, a huge sum of money is required.

Your participation in these works by way of donation will be highly appreciated!

You will be Remembered and Recognised

Your contribution to the renovation project will be remembered and recognized as follows

Every Thursday, at 1:00 p.m Holy Mass is offered for the intentions of the donors.

Those who contribute Rs.10,000/- or more will be honoured in a function to be held after the completion of the project. These are only simple ways to remember your support for the renovation of the Shrine. Blessing of Infant Jesus will be for ever on you and your family.

Infant Jesus Shrine,
Labour Colony (behind ITI),
Guindy, Chennai 600 032,
Tamilnadu, India.

Tel.No.: +91 44 2250 1643

Bus Route : From the Guindy bus stop come to Industrial Estate Police Station-Post Office and take the direction towards Govt. I.T.I. The shrine is situated at the back of the Govt. I.T.I.

Railway Station : From the Guindy Railway Station take the subway and come to Industrial Estate Police Station-Post Office and take the direction towards Govt. I.T.I. The shrine is situated at the back of the Govt I.T.I.

Airport : From Meenambakkm Airport come through GST Road and cross Nehru Statue “Roundtane” and come to Guindy Industrial Estate Police Station-Post Office and take the direction towards Govt. I.T.I. The shrine is situated at the back of the Govt. I.T.I Signals are kept to help you to reach safely. Welcome !

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