Infant Jesus Shrine, Manali New Town, Chennai

The church, built for the Infant Jesus at Manali New Town, city of Chennai, is a well- known landmark to all. The church was built on 25th of December,1980. Innumerable miracles are said to have taken place in the past 28 years. The church was initiated by the efforts of Rev. Msgr. John Kottaram.

The functioning of the church activities for the past 16years is praiseworthy, (thus bringing it immeasurable fame). Today, thousands of devotees are seen flocking to this Shrine. Various Miracles and wonders are said to occur here, in particular the gift of the child is said to have been bosomed on many childless couple. Moreover devotees who pray fervently for various intentions such as Employment, Marriage, Jobs Abroad, Success in Exams, Good Health and so on have experienced the miraculous powers of Infant Jesus. The first Thursday of every month is celebrated in a very special way. People throng the church from dawn to disk to participate in the special prayers and the procession and thus return peaceful and content. On first Thursdays 7 masses with processions take place.

Prayer to the Infant Jesus, Manali New Town
(Say this prayer on Every day)

O Holy Infant Jesus, who shed your blessings on whoever invokes your name, look kindly on us who kneel humble before your image, and hear our prayers. We commend to your mercy the many poor and needy people who trust in your Divine Heart. Lay your all powerful hand upon them and help them in their needs. Lay your hand upon the sick, to cure them and sanctify their suffering; upon those in distresses, to console them; upon sinners, to draw them into the light of your divine grace; upon all those who, stricken with grief and suffering, turn trustingly to you for loving help. Lay your hand also upon all of us and give us your blessing. O little King, grant the treasures of your divine mercy to the entire world, and keep us now and always in the grace of your love! Amen…

Manali New Town, Chennai -600103,
Tamilnadu, INDIA.
Tel: +91-044-25931387,

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