Sayalgudi Chruch

Nallu Mukku, Manjolai

Nallu Mukku, Manjolai

Infant Jesus Church, Kurukkuchalai

Infant Jesus Church, Kurukkuchalai

Our Lady of Angels Church, Karaikal, Pondicherry

This is one of the architectural beauty of French culture. Our lady of Angel’s Church standing impressively on the Church street. In 1739 the Holy Angles Church was built by the French. Again in 1863 the church was beautified with the decorative marble Altar, the beautiful stained glass windows and having impressive look with its 133 feet tall tower, the tallest landmark of the town, housing three huge clocks and five large bells. The melodious ringing of the bells could be heard with in a radius of 5 kms. On 15th August every year that Catholic chruch celebrates the ” Thetheravu Mata” (Mother who consoles the afflicted) festival when the status of the blessed Virgin is taken out in procession.
The church of Our Lady of Angels built in 1891 is the chief place of worship for catholics in the town. The Thetheravu madha festival is celebrated on the 15 of August every year. The festival commences with the flag hoisting ceremony on the 6 th August. On the 10th day, the statue of the Blessed Virgin, mounted on a beautifully decorated car, is taken out in procession along the main streets surrounding the church.


Annai Velankanni Church (Tamil Nadu): It is the famous Christian Pilgrim Shrine, 26 kms South of Karaikal.

MELAKASAKUDI: One Roman Catholic church is here and celebrating 10 day annual festival in June.

Our Lady of Angels Church,
Karaikal, Church Street,
Pondicherry State,
Pin : 609 602
Tel.Ph: +91 4368 222075

Holy family Chruch, Ettamadai, Nagercoil

Holy family Chruch,
Ettamadai, Nagercoil, Kanyakumari District.

Our Lady of Mount Carmel Chruch, Ramapuram, Nagercoil

Our Lady of Mount Carmel Chruch,
Ramapuram, Nagercoil, Kanyakumari District.

Our Lady of Mount Carmel Chruch

Our Lady of Mount Carmel Chruch 1

Salem Diocese – List of Parishes

Agraharam (Est: 1880)
Holy Spirit Church,
A.N. Mangalam (P.O.), Karippatty Via, Salem – 636 106
Tel: +91 427 2482526

Alagapuram (Est: 1997)
St. Michael’s Church,
Convent Road, Alagapuram, Salem-636016
Tel: +91 427 2440216

Arisipalayam (Est: 1991)
Infant Jesus Cathedral,
Omalur Main Road, Salem – 636 009.
Tel: +91 427 2352526

Attur (Est: 1939)
St. Mary’s Church,
Attur (P.O.), Salem–636102
Tel: +91 4282 250101

Chinnagollapatti (Est: 2008)
Our Lady of Perpetual Help,
Mount Mary Matic. School, Chinnagollapatti, Peryal Nagar, Salem – 636 008
Tel: +91 427 2405520

Elanagar (Est: 1939)
St. Paul’s Church,
Elanagar (P.O.), Via Vela-gaundamppatty Namakkal (Dt) – 637212
Tel: +91 4286 268646

Gangavalli (Est: 1935)
Christ the King Church,
Gangavalli (P.O.), Attur (Tk), Salem – 636105
Tel: +91 4282 232122

Idappadi (Est: 1870)
St. Selvanayagi Church,
Vellandivalasai (P.O.), Salem (Dt) – 637105
Tel: +91 4283 222260

Jayarakkini Nagar (Est: 2007)
Annai Jayarakkini Church,
Jayarakkini Nagar, Naranampalayam Pudur, Kamalapuram P.O.
Salem – 636309

Johnsonpet (Est: 1924)
St. Antony’s Church,
Johnsonpet, Salem-636007
Tel: +91 427 2416563

Kakkaveri (Est: 1880)
Our Lady Mt. Carmel Church,
Kakkaveri(P.O.), Namakkal (Dt) – 637 415
Tel: +91 4287 223620

Karumandurai (Est: 2008)
St.Francis of Assisi Church,
Assisi Institute, Sagayapuram, Karumandurai P.O, Karlrayan Hills – 636138, Salem Dt.
Tel: +91 4292 239170

Koneripatti (Est: 1900)
St. Mary’s Church,
Koneripatty(P.O), Salem (Dt) – 636113,
Tel: +91 4282 226004

Kongrapatti (Est: 1997)
St. Sebastian Church,
V.Kongarapatty, Via Kadayampatty Salem (Dt), 636 351
Tel: +91 9443516910

Kootatturpatti (Est: 2010)
St. Sabastian Church,
Kootatturpatti P.O. Valapadi TK, Salem Dt – 636139.

Kosavampatti (Est: 1934)
St. Francis Xavier’s Church,
S.Udupam(P.O.), Namakkal (Dt) – 637019
Tel: +91 4286 244313

Kumarapalayam (Est: 2012)
Our Lady Of Rosary Church,
J.K.K. Natarajar Nagar, Kumarapalayam – 638 183
Namakkal Dt.

Kunnamalai (Est: 1936)
Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Church,
Kunnamalai (P.O.), Kandampalayam Via, Namakkal (Dt) – 637203
Tel: +91 4268 260632

Manjakultai (Est: 2012)
St. Joseph’s Church,
Graigmore, Manjakultai P.O, Yercaud – 636602
Salem Dt.

Marilapalayam (Est: 2010)
St. Sebastian Church,
Marilapalayam, Via. Mettur Dam – 636 452, Salem Dt

Mathiyampatti (Est: 1927)
St. Mary Magdalene Church,
Mamundi (P.O.), Namakkal (Dt) 637 503
Tel: +91 4287 260223

Mettur Dam (Est: 1902)
Our Lady of Assumption Church,
Mettur dam (p.o.), Salem (dt) – 636401
Tel: +91 4298 244345

Nagalur (Est: 2010)
Sagayamatha Church,
Nagalur P.O, Yercaud – 636 602. Salem Dt

Namagiripettai (Est: 2011)
St. Joseph’s Church,
Namagiripettai P.O. Via. Rasipuram – 637406. Namakkul Dr.

Namakkal (Est: 1928)
Christ the King Church,
Namakkal (Dt), 637 001
Tel: +91 4286 223537

Pallipalayam (Est: 2008)
St. Antony’s Charch,
TVS Medu, Thiruchengode Road, Pallipalauam P.O. Erode – 638 006
Tel: +91 9442749177

Paramathi (Est: 2001)
Amala Annai Church,
Velur Road, Paramathi, Namakkal-Dt
Tel: +91 4268 251699

Perunkurrichi (Est: 1942)
Our Lady of Lourdes Church,
Perunkurichy(P.O.), Paramathi (Tk), Namakkal (Dt) – 637201
Tel: +91 4288 242080

Pettaipalayam (Est: 1975)
Pettaipalayam (P.O.), Namakkal (Dt) – 637015
Tel: +91 4286 255852

Pudupalayam (Est: 1973)
Assumption Church,
Pudupalayam (P.O.), Rasipuram (Tk), Namakkal (Dt) 637408
Tel: +91 4287 – 223732

Pungavadi (Est: 2004)
Our Lady of Headlth Church,
Pungavadi (P.O), Attur Talik, Salem Dt – 636 141
Tel: +91 4282 275111

Rasipuram (Est: 1989)
Our Lady of Lourdes Church,
Rasipuram (P.O.), Namakkal (Dt) – 637408
Tel: +91 4287 226766

Sadayampalayam (Est: 1972)
St. Sebastian Church,
Samiampalayam (P.O.) Salem (Dt) – 638183
Tel: +91 4288 263022

Salem Camp (Est: 1947)
St. Joseph Church,
Salem Camp, Salem (Dt) 636 456
Tel: +91 4298 – 240758

Sankari (Est: 1975)
St. Antony’s Church,
Sangagiri (P.O.), Salem (Dt) – 637301
Tel: +91 4283 – 241234

Sanyasigundu (Est: 1990)
St. Joseph Church,
Sanyasigundu, Kichipalayam (P.O.), Salem – 636015
Tel: +91 427 – 2261557

Savariyarpalayam (Est: 1980)
St. Francis Xavier Church,
Saveriarpalayam (P.O.), Mettur (TK), Salem (Dt) – 636303
Tel: +91 4298 – 251891

Settipatti (Est: 1890)
St. Peter and Paul Church,
R.C. Settipatti (P.O.), Salem (Dt) 636 455
Tel: +91 4290 – 222285

Semmedu (Est: 2004)
Infact Jesus Church,
Karayankadu (P.O.), Vasalur Road, Kolli Hills – 637411. Namakkal Dt
Tel: +91 4286 – 247497

Sendamangalam (Est: 2004)
Arockia Matha Church,
Ghandhipuram, Sendamangala – 637 409. Namakkal Dt
Tel: +91 4286 – 292088

Sendarapatti (Est: 1990)
Sacred Heart Church,
Siluvaigiri, Thagarapudur (P.O.). Salem (Dt) – 636110
Tel: +91 4290 – 228777

Shevapet (Est: 1858)
St. Mary’s Co- Cathedral,
Shevapet (P.O.), Salem – 636 002.
Tel: +91 427 – 2218882

Siluvaigiri (Est: 2006)
R.C. Church,
Siluvaigiri, Thagarapudhr P.O. Gangavalli Tk, Salem – 636110
Tel: +91 42828 – 295234

Solasiramani (Est: 2005)
Our Lady of Good Health Church,
Solasiramani, Pachampalayam (P.O.), Paramathi Taluk, Namakkal Dt – 637 210
Tel: +91 4288 – 222164

S.P.B Colony (Est: 1982)
Holy Trinity Church,
Spb Colony, Erode – 638010, Namakkal (Dt)
Tel: +91 4286 – 223537

Steel Plant (Est: 1993)
St. Jude’s Church,
Mohan Nagar, Salem – 636 030
Tel: +91 427 – 2383587

Suramangalam (Est: 1924)
Sacred Heart Church,
Suramangalam (P.O.), Salem – 636005
Tel: +91 427 – 2445480

Thalaivasal (Est: 2004)
St. Joseph’s Church,
Thalaaivasal P.O. Salem – 636112
Tel: +91 4282 – 230461

Tharamangalam (Est: 1980)
St. Charles Boromeo Church,
Tharamangalam (P.O.), Salem – (Dt) 636502
Tel: +91 4290 – 252210

Thirumanur (Est: 2010)
John the Baptist Church,
Thirumanur – 636202, Via Mangalapuram, Salem Dt

Thumbal (Est: 1978)
St. Mary’s Church,
Thumbal (P.O.), Salem (Dt) 636 114
Tel: +91 4292 – 245949

Thiruchengode (Est: 1936)
St. Mary’s Church,
Tiruchengode (P.O.), Namakkal (Dt) – 637211
Tel: +91 4288 – 284900

Udayapatti (Est: 1997)
Our Lady of Good Health Church,
Udyappatty – Salem.
Res: Jyothi Dharshan,
Ayothiapatnam (P.O.), Salem – 636 103
Tel: +91 427-243032

Valapaddy (Est: 1958)
St. Pius X Church,
Valappady (P.O.), Salem (Dt) – 636115
Tel: +91 4292 – 222342

Vellapalayam (Est: 1970)
St. Mary Magdalene Church,
Thevur (Via), Kaveripatty (P.O.), Salem (Dt) – 637104
Tel: +91 4283 – 232494

Yercaud (Est: 1934)
Sacred Heart Church,
Yercaud (P.O.), Salem (Dt) – 636601
Tel: +91 4281 – 222348

Salem Diocese

The Diocese of Salem comprises of civil districts of Salem and Namakkal. In 1623 Southern Kongunadu, part of Salem District, under Madurai Nayakkars accepted Christianity, through Fr. Robert De Nobili, S.J. and his successors, the Portuguese Jesuits of the Madurai Mission. About 1654, the Italian Jesuits of the Mysore mission had a residence near Hosur. In 1687, the Mysore Mission laboured in the entire area of the present diocese. Fr. De Cunha died in 1711 at Kapiganathi near Hosur. Even after the suppression of their Society, the Jesuits under the jurisdiction of Cranganore, worked to the last in the field.

In 1785, during Tippu Sulttan’s rule, Msgr. Champenois, Superior of the Malabar Mission, was entrusted by Rome with the Mysore Mission, which took care of Salem. He was the first Bishop to visit Salem. Salem Mission was brought under the Brirtish rule, and he left in charge there “Fr. Abbe Dubois”, who strove to restore the devastated mission. From 1797, Kartenaras from Cranganore intruded into Salem till they left about 1833.

The area continued to depend on the Coromandal mission. Later it came under the Vicariate Apostolic of Pondicherry, which in 1886 became an Archdiocese. This set up continued till 1930 except for Hosur Taluk which had been entrusted from 1861 to the area of Mysore and for the southeast which was joined in 1899 to the Diocese of Kumbakonam.

On May 26, 1930 the Diocese of Salem was erected from the parts of Salem District and from parts under the jurisdiction of Pondicherry Diocese (6 parishes), Kumbakonam Diocese (3 parishes), Mysore Diocese (1 parish) and in 1943 the Western portion of Mettur Taluk (2 parishes) was added.

In 1949, the Diocese of Salem was entrusted to an Indian, its second Bishop Rt. Rev. V.S. Selvanather. Diocese of Dharmapuri was bifurcated from the Diocese of Salem according to the communique released on February 28,1997. The Holy Father appointed Msgr. Joseph Antony Irudaya Raj, SDB as the first Bishop of Dharmapuri.


Salem Cathdral

The parish of Arisipalayam was bifurcated from Shevapet in 1953 and was erected as St. Francis Xavier’s parish. The chapel of St. Francis Xavier’s Minor Seminary served as the parish church till 1991.

The New Cathedral was consecrated on 27th November 1991, and dedicated to Infant Jesus. This magnificent Cathedral was meticulously planned and carefully constructed with strenuous efforts by late Bishop Most Rev. Dr. Michael B. Duraisamy, as his last monument and gift to the diocese of Salem. Very Rev. Fr. S. Amalraj was asked to continue as the first Parish Priest of the Infant Jesus Cathedral parish, since he was already the Parish Priest of St. Xavier’s Church at Arisipalayam. He was in-charge of the Parish till to 13th June 1992. Rev. Fr. S. Savari was appointed as the second Parish Priest. He continued to be the parish Priest up to 20th July 1998. Rev. Fr. M.S. Martin succeeded Fr. S. Savari from 1998 till 2004. Fr. S. Pushpanathan was parish priest till 2009. Fr. A. Singarayan is the Present parish priest.

The cathedral Parish can be divided into two main areas: Arisipalayam and Peramanur. Omalur main Road is dividing these two areas. There are five sectors in Arisipalayam area: Arisipalayam, Mullakkadu, Saminathapuram, Angammal Colony and Pallapatti-Meiyanur. In Peramanur area also there are five sectors Peramanur, Chinnapudur, Sankar Nagar, Fairlands and Alagapuram.

Mostly teachers, Government Employees, Business people, a few doctors, lawyers and Engineers live in Peramanur area. Carpenters, Masons, Daily Coolies, Merchants, Teachers with few doctors and engineers reside at Arisipalayam area.

Parish Administration

Parish Priest is Responsible for the administration of the parish. He shares his responsibility with the assistant Parish Priest. Apart from this, there is the parish council with 25 members, representatives of various sections of the parish. Every month in the second week, the parish council meets to plan and discuss the matters that pertain to the parish.
Bishop’s House
P.O.Box 703, 2, Court Road,
Maravaneri, Salem – 636 007
Tamilnadu, INDIA

Bishop’s House (Office) 0427 2415641

Fax 0427 2411517
Procurator 0427 2420148

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Kumbakonam Diocese

History of Kumbakonam Diocese

The diocese of Kumbakonam was born on September 01, 1899. It was bifurcated from the Archdiocese of Pondicherry and it was entrusted to the able leadership of MEP. The Diocese is very proud to say that the first two Bishops were from the MEP.

Most Rev. Hugo M. Bottero was appointed as the first Bishop on September 01, 1899. He showed a keen interest in the establishment of the diocese which was facing many challenges and difficulties. Being a Tamil scholar, he translated the entire Bible into Tamil.

Most Rev. Marie Augustine CHAPUIS was appointed as the co-adjustor to the Prelate, Hugo M. Bottero on July 25, 1911. When Most Rev. Hugo M. Bottero rested in his eternal abode, Bishop Augustine Marie Chapuis succeeded him in 1913. He promoted native vocation to priesthood and religious life. By his foresight, he prepared the diocese to be handed over to the indigenous clergy. At his resignation, Msgr. M.A. Xavier was appointed as the Apostolic Administrator of the diocese in 1930.

Most Rev. Peter Francis was nominated by Pope Pius XI as the first indigenous Bishop of the diocese of Kumbakonam. He was consecrated on the feast of his patron St Peter (June 29, 1931). He promoted evangelization through the mission stations established at Ariyalur, Kulumur and Thiruvalanthurai. There was increase in the number of conversions in large numbers in the above mission centers. He celebrated his Episcopal Silver Jubilee and the Golden Jubilee of the diocese. He rested in peace on May 4, 1973.

On 5th May 1955 Most Rev. D. Paul Arulsamy, the then Parish Priest of Kottapalayam was nominated as the Bishop. He was consecrated as the Bishop on August 24, 1955. He continued the zeal of his predecessor on mission and extended the mission at Thirumanthurai, Fatimapuram, Elakurichy, Vadakkalur and Padalur. His personal interest to improve the Shrine of our Lady of Refuge at Elakurichi had made it known to the Catholics both in and outside Tamilnadu. The contribution of  Fr. C.J. Beschi S.J. to Tamil language was highlighted and the fame of the Shrine spread far and wide. The tenure of the Bishop envisaged the dawn of the Second Vatican Council. He personally participated in the council sessions and was convinced of the changes of the times. He took keen interest to implement the teaching of the Vatican II. He promoted renewal in the fields of Liturgy, Catechesis, Bible etc. The Pastoral Centre was his creation, made in 1979.

After Most Rev. D. Paul Arulsamy’s resignation accepted on 16 August, 1988, Msgr. M. Antony David became the diocesan administrator and continued the mission of the former Bishop until the nomination of the next Bishop.

Most Rev. Peter Remigius, a priest of Kottar diocese was nominated the Bishop of Kumbakonam on December 02, 1989. He was consecrated as the Bishop of Kumbakonam on January 03, 1990. He built chapels in majority of the substations. He gave importance to the education of children and awareness. Many schools were upgraded and new buildings were constructed with the help of the benefactors thanks to the hard efforts of the Bishop. The Shrine of Our Lady of Miraculous Mother of Poondi was raised to the level of Marian Minor Basilica with the approval of the Holy See. His missionary pastoral works came to the highlight during the centenary celebration of the diocese of Kumbakonam on September 01, 1999. He was transferred from Kumbakonam as the Bishop of Kottar on 30th June 2007. He took charge of his diocese on 24th August, 2007.

Msgr. C. Peter Francis was elected to be the diocesan administrator of Kumbakonam on 27th August, 2007. With the help of the College of Consultors he continued and completed the works of the former Bishop. He coordinated the mission of the diocese and prepared the way for the next Bishop.

Most Rev. Antonisamy Francis, a priest of Thanjavur diocese and the Parish Priest of Vailankanni was nominated Bishop of Kumbakonam on 31st May, 2008. He was ordained as the Bishop of Kumbakonam on 09th July, 2008. The diocese is given a focus in all possible ways to improve the mission of the diocese. He renewed the diocesan pastoral council and encouraged the different commissions of the pastoral centre to work more effectively with full time priest secretary to each commission. The statutes of the diocese of Kumbakonam, rules and regulations and memorandum of the diocese are all revised and updated on a par with the other dioceses of Tamilnadu. The centralized educational employments and appointments of the teachers begun by the previous Bishop are brought to the perfection with an independent diocesan secretary for education and diocesan education commission. His focus on evangelization and education and prayer meetings etc. create renewal of Christian faith in the diocese. His spiritual outlook is made clear through his attractive homilies and reflections in the news letters. Apart from the continuation of improving education he shows keen interest in the professional and higher education of the students of our diocese.

List of Parishes:
Vicariate: Jayankondam | Kumbakonam | Lalgudi | Michaelpatty | Perambalur | Pullambadi | Vilagam

Kumbakonam Diocese Map

Diocese of Kumbakonam
Bishop’s House
Post Box No.3
Kumbakonam – 612 001
Thanjavur District., South India.

Office: 0435 – 2432232
Fax: 0435 – 2423679


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Church Of Holy Euhcarist, Nallur, Tirupur

History of Nallur Parish

Bifurcation of Nallur from the Parish of Tirupur

There are two parishes in Tirupur, one at Kumar Nagar and another at the town which is close to railway junction. The Parish at the centre of the town is the first and the biggest and it has three big sub stations and the number of catholic families is little more than 2000. Tirupur is now called “Hosiery Town” and the importance of the town goes down to 1900 when there was the cotton market and gradually emerging as a textile town. Though the presence of Christianity dates back much before than 1900, the small chapel was built for the first time in the existing parish church was in 1902. The town was instituted as a separate parish in the year 1934. Since then the town got expanded and so the catholic population and another Parish was instituted within the town in the year1982. Now after a gap of almost 30 years, Nallur has been made as a separate parish, dedicated to the most HOLY EUCHARIST.


The new parish bifurcated from this parish has now more than 600 families. The new parish has a sub-station St.Antony’s Church, Veerapondi with 60 Families.

Construction of the parish church is now going on.

First Parish Priest is Rev.Fr A L Sundar Raj

Mass Timings:

Weekdays : Mon- Sat 6.30 am
Sunday : 7.30 a.m, (Tamil)

Church Of Holy Euhcarist
No.1, Narkarunai Nagar,
Lakshmi Nagar Extn, Muthanampalayam Road,
Nallur, Tirupur – 641 606

Phone No. +91 98422 20904

(Estd. 2011 – Area: 25 Kms)

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