Shrine of our lady of refuge, Elakurichi

Adaikala Madha Shrine

Beschi was transferred to Vadugarpati (Vadugarpettai today). He worked here from 1717 till 1720. We are unable to know where Beschi was after 1720. But we learn that Beschi accompanied Bishop Pinheiro to Mylapore to Maravanad to collect information about the life of John de Britto, a Jesuit missionary.

Bechi at Elakurichi

In a letter dated 19-12-1726 written to Rome, Beschi introduces himself as already the Vicar Forane of Tanjavur. So we can safely presume Beschi was at Elakurichi from 1721 onwards.

During his stay at Elakurichi a very severe famine overtook that area. Thousands of people died of starvation. Mothers sold their infants just for a few measures of rice. The protestant Danish mission at Tranquebar took advantage of this situration. Generously spending the large amount of money that was at their disposal, they began to net the catholics in to their fold. To avail themselves of this monetary assistance, a number of catholics and even some catechists crossed over to their fold.

It was at this juncture that he chose to invoke Mary as “Adaikala Madha” (Our Lady of Refuge) and composed a booklet called “Thirukavalur Kalambaham” in her honour.

Things began to take a new turn. There was good rain and the famine disappeared. The Catholics who strayed away fro the sake of money returned to the fold. Miracluous favours began to flow. When a fire accident accured at that time in the village, in spite of the strong wind the huts of the Christiants were untouched by the fire. Fr. Beschi understo9od that our Lady had come to live with them and protect them. Wtih the recommendation of the Archbishop of Mylapore he submitted an application, through his Jesuit General in Rome, to His Holiness the Pope for permission to celebrate solemnly the titular feast of “Adaikalamatha” on the third Sunday after Easter every year and also for the sanction of a plenary indulgence for the faithful participating in it. He received the letter of sanction signed by His Holiness himself towards the end of 1733.

About this time the chieftain of Ariyalur, Rengappa Malavarayar came to see Fr. Beschi. He was very much taken up by the learning and piety of Fr. Beschi He was astonished that an European like Beschi could possess such a vast and deep knowledge of “Tamil Grammar” and “Literature”. As a token of his appreciation he donated about 175 acres to this Church. The stone tablet attesting to this fact can be seen even today in the church compound.


“July 21st 2010 – Our Lady smiles”

A miraculous thing happend Mother Mary smiled at the girl and touched upon the rosary constantly.

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Beschi at Elakurichi,
Shrine of Our Lady of Refuge,
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Tanjore –thivaiyaru-thirumanoor- Elakurichi Adaikala Madha Shrine -35 kms
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Vellankanni- Tanjore –thivaiyaru-thirumanoor- Elakurichi -125 kms
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