St. Peters Church, Moothakara, Kollam, Kerala

St. Peter’s Church in Moothakara (built in 1610) was one of the first churches in Kollam. In 1771 Joseph De Clements Joseph S.J., Bishop of Cochin (who was, however, not allowed to enter Cochin) settled in Moothakara. A chapel and residence was built in 1780 by Fr. Salvador Dennis. Bishop Joseph remained; he died in 1791, and was buried in the church. On the feast of St. Peter in Moothakara, the sea is symbolically opened with the keys of Peter by the parish priest. The church has become a center for pilgrims, with reported miracles. It is within walking distance of the Civil Station in Kollam. St. Casmir’s Church in Mathilil, Kollam was the first church named for the saint in India. It is located about 1.5 km from the high school…!!!

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