St Xavier’s Church, Savariarpalayam, Begampur, Dindigul

St. Francis Xavier Church at Savariyarpalayam was started in 1999. Don Bosco Mission concentrates on family, choosing the individual and providing them education which will in turn bring them employment. Those who are studying are guided towards various careers in education, which gives them better employment .This accomplishes a dignified life, with better standards of living.

History of Savariarpalayam:
– Name of the institution: St. Xavier’sChurch, Savariarpalayam
– Year of starting: 1999
– Name of the location when it was started: Savariarpalayam
– Original purpose of the institution: Pastoral work Parish for dalits.
– Original target group: 100% Dalit Catholics.
– Original scope of the institution: Parish – Pastoral work, Youth work. Community College – Providing Career Guidance – Employment, Awareness, Neighborhood postulate.

St Xavier’s Church,
Savariarpalayam, P. Box No.5
Begampur (P.O), Dindigul – 624002.

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