About Us

Ever wondered how Catholic churches outside your neighborhood look and function? You are at the right place. This site is an attempt to bring churches, of different sizes and popularity, to your desktop. Here you will get to know about churches not just in your neighborhood or locality but across India. Apart from all the interesting details ranging from their history to unique qualities to special activities – all presented with colorful pictures, at this site you can also find other interesting features like Dioceses, Library, News and Events, Prayers, Songs, Useful links, and, more importantly, Wallpapers. Also available are contact details and the church official websites in case you want to know more about them.

What’s more, Wallpapers available on this site are downloadable and you can use them on your desktops. Yes, I know there are many out there with similar interest who may like to contribute to this site. You can also pitch in with photos and write-ups about churches in your neighborhood, which many would like to know about. Come, let’s make this site an one-stop-shop for all church lovers like you and me. Please note that photos and write-ups you send should be your own and not lifted from the Internet to avoid copyright issues.

It’s a nonprofit website purely aimed at sharing church experience with people of similar interest, and it’s built and being maintained completely at my own costs. Kindly be aware that I do NOT collect money or any form of payment and nobody can on my behalf.

Suggestions and feedback to improve this are welcome.

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