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Our Lady of Assumption Church, Kamanayakkanpatti, Tuticorin

All are welcome at Our Lady of Assumption Church, Puthumainagar, Kamanayakkanpatti.

We, as the devotees of Holy Mary & faithful followers of Jesus Christ, create, nurture, and maintain a community of love through worship, reconciliation, healing, formation, education and service.

Through Chronological liturgical and Eucharist, we seek the wisdom and guidance of the Holy Spirit, embracing the love of our Creator in each thought, word and action.

As humble servants of God, we remain faithful to the teachings of the Holy, Roman Catholic Church; waiting in joyful hope for our Lord’s coming.

Our Lady of Assumption Church


Kamanayakkanpatti played an important part in the former Madurai Mission and might be considered as the Mother Church for the southern region. It was also the center of evangelization in the Tirunelveli inland territory at the end of the 17th and 18th centuries. It had covered up Srivilliputhur (north-west), Vadakkankulam (south), Tenkasi (South-west) and the inland areas in the East.

In 1664 Fr. Freyre visited this area and found that there were Christians already here. In 1684, a small church was built by Rev. Fr. John De Britto, when he visited and made this place as the center for the missionary activities. Fr. Xavier Porgheese was the first parish priest who resided here and administered the Sacraments.It was the first time that K.N.P. was mentioned in the records of the history.Around the year 1690, it is said that a girl fell into an open well and died, while the parents and the villagers pleaded to Our Lady, she was miraculously brought back to life. Fr. Beschi came over during 1712-1715 and stayed here to learn the local language. It was at this time that he inculturated the Christian faith into the Indian culture. It was at his time that the Church was named as the Our Lady of Assumption.

In 1728 the Church was several times visited by thieves and plundered the village. It is said that a thief, stealing the image of Our Lady and was about to carry it away, when all on a sudden, he became blind. Around 1748 the old Church of K.N.P. was completely burnt down by some evil forces against the Christian faith, yet the statue of Our Lady remained unstained and was saved. Though it was a time of severe famine, the Christians rebuilt it against the thought of their enemies and with divine providence. Fr. Lawrence de Almeyda in charge of Mannargudi or Mannarcoil, falling sick on his way to the Coast, died at K.N.P, on the first of February 1748 after receiving the last sacraments. He was known as Rajendra swami, and his tomb can be seen even today at K.N.P.

There was an interval of 82 years from 1756 to 1838. During this time there were no priests, sacraments, Eucharist.etc, yet people stood firm in their faith by their popular devotion to Our Lady, with the help of the local catechists. Then Fr. Alexander Martin, known as Visuvasanandarswami accompanied by Fr. Mousset M.E.P., was the first Jesuit to visit K.N.P. Both celebrated the feast of the Assumption in 1838. Fr. Alexander was firm in removing the discrimination on the basis of caste and getting settled in the beginning of the twentieth century. After him Fr. J. Maria Dass extended the Church and built the present one with much elegance and style. It has a beautiful sanctuary, altar and stands on twelve pillars signifying the twelve apostles.

As the beginning of the jubilee year (325) and an honor to Our Lady, the ROSARY GARDEN was built with leading of Rev.Fr. Arulambrose (2005-2010) and it is convenient for people to pray the rosary at all times. It is slowly gaining its lost importance. This parish is known all over for its significant and unique devotions to Our Lady called “Kumbidu Sevai”, which tells the emptiness of human before God. This has got very many cultural impacts among the people and still holds the faith of the people. This is the first place where the practice of Car procession was introduced by Fr. Beschi.

Now many people flock to this place of grace and also experience the hand of God in their prayers and give thanks to God the Almighty through Our Lady. Last year, this mission has celebrated 325th jubilee year, many are visiting and honoring Our Mother. People from all over the country come over here through out the year and worship Our Lady.


Liturgical Timings:

Daily Services:
6.00 am – Morning Prayer and Holy Mass
7.00 pm – Rosary and evening Prayers

Weekly services:
All Saturdays:
12.30 am – Holy Mass for pilgrims.
7.00 pm – Rosary and Novena prayers
7.30 pm – Holy Mass, Benediction
All Sundays:
8.00 am Holy Mass, Benediction

Monthly Services:
First Friday:
7.00 pm – Rosary, Holy hour, Holy Mass, Adoration
IInd, IVth Sunday:
5.30 am – Holy Mass,
10.30 am – Holy Mass for Children (IInd Sunday only)
IVth Saturday:
7.00 pm – Rosary, Novena prayers at Rosary Garden
7.30 pm – Holy Mass at Rosary Garden
8.30 pm – Car Procession from Rosary Garden to Shrine
9.00 pm – Benediction
10.00 pm – “ Muzhu Nizhavu Vizha” at Rosary Garden
12.00 pm – Holy Mass at Rosary Garden

Our Lady of Assumption Church,

Duraiyur (Via),
Tuticorin (Thoothukudi) – District,
Tamilnadu, India.
Pin code – 628720.
Tel: +91 4632 244229, +91 4632 244230

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Thirukalyana Matha Church, Thoothukudi

Thirukalyana Matha is one of the names attributed to Mother Mary, mother of Jesus Christ. On this name there is a church at Pothakalan Vilai in the district of Tuticorin, Tamilnadu. The management of the church is under the Diocese of Tuticorin.

Long before 1546 the people of France had a filial love to Mother Mary and were celebrating the event of betrothal of Mary to Joseph on the eve of 22nd and on 23rd January. They were requesting their Parish Priests and the Bishops to recognize and approve their devotion. After hundreds of years, the Pope Paul III considering the recommendations of the Priests and Bishop of France approved their devotion in 1546.


Pothakalanvilai is the place where Thirukalayana Matha (Betrothal of Holy Mary to St. Joseph) give expression to her love for people.

After St. Thomas who planted Christianity in the Malabar area that is the Tamil speaking area, many missionaries came and strengthened the faith of the people. Due to political situation and aversion to Christianity very many good things were crushed down. But the evil can never dominate the good for ever. The French Missionaries while visiting St. Thomas Christians kept on meeting the people living in and around Pothakalan Vilai area too.

The moralities of the people were low. The missionaries were not happy about it. Hence they suggested probably in 1515 that they could have Holy Mary as their patron. They advised the people to have the annual feast of Our Lady on the 23rd January remembering her betrothal to St. Joseph, her husband.

When the Pope Paul III approved the feast of Betrothal of Our Lady in1546 that was being celebrated by devout persons in France for many years, the French Missionaries took the opportunity to instruct the people to have a meaningful celebration of the feast from 1556 onwards.

In 1623 a small hall was constructed and dedicated it to St. Aloysius and St. Ignatius of Loyola believing that these saints will help them lead a good life. Yet they were celebrating the feast day of betrothal of our Lady to St. Joseph that falls on the 23rd January.

In 1835 because of various practical difficulties they built a church behind the hall and dedicated it to our Lady of Ransom. Yet they maintained 23rd of January as the feast day of their patron. In the later period, Pothakalan Vilai had been under Kamanayakkan Patti, Anaikarai, Periyathalai and Sokkankudiyiruppu before taking shape of a individual parish in the Diocese of Tuticorin in 1935. Fr. Bangar was its first parish priest.

When Fr. Mascarenhas took over Pothakalan Vilai as its 2nd parish priest in 1949, analyzing the local customs, celebrations and practices, he declared that “The patron of the church in Pothakalan Vilai is ‘Kalyana Matha” (Our lady of Betrothal). In 1980 Fr. Novamoney suggested the people to call Kalyanamatha, Thirukalyana Matha as the later seems to be a dignified one. The above events tell us how things have evolved and how the people have kept the original habit unaltered.

Thirukalyana Matha now keeps all those who come to her for her help, free from all dangers, pains and problems and provides everything they need. You can see people coming here with families to thank Thirukalyana Matha for various miracles particularly for the gift of marriage and offspring.

The Parish Priest,
Thirukalyana Matha Church,
Pothakalan Vilai – 628702,
Tuticorin – 628 702,
Thoothukudi District,
Tamilnadu, INDIA

Tel: +91 4639 261230

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Manal Matha Church, Thiruchendur, Thoothukudi

Athisaya Manalmatha Church” was built in First Century AD by St.Thomas ,one of 12 disciples of Lord Jesus. The church is located in the Sokkankudieruppu, a village 39 kms away from Tiruchendur in Tuticorin District off Tiruchendur – TamilNadu- India.

The church was built on three cents of land, donated by Pandya Ruler, Kandappa Rasa to St.Thomas, as a mark of respect for healing the diseases and sufferings of the king and his family. St.Thomas built the church with palm leaves as per the tradition in those days. This piece of 3 cents land was the first to be given in India to Christianity.

Manal Matha Church,
Thoothukudi Dt.

Our Lady of Perpetual help Church, Nalattinputhur, Kovilpatti, Thoothukudi

Our Lady of Perpetual help Church, Nalattinputhur, Kovilpatti, Thoothukudi