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St. Pius Xth Shrine Church, Madukkarai, Coimbatore.

St. Pius Xth Shrine Church,
Madukkarai, Coimbatore.

St. Paul’s Church, Rathinapuri, Coimbatore.

St. Paul’s Church,

St. Joseph’s Church, Podanur, Coimbatore.

Podanur is one of those places of almost anonymity on whom sudden importance is thrust just by some quirk of history, while places like Vellalore, now an ordinary village within Podanur, which once, in the 1’ Century B.C to 3 century A.D. was a very floursing and important trading center and town as the Roman Coins and inscriptions testify. It was the coming of the South Indian Railways towards the end of the 1 9” century that brought about the magical transformation. Podanur, because of its central location, between Madras to Cochin, Mangalore, Ooty-down to the Southern parts of the then Madras Presidency, became the second importan center of the Southern Railway system, Madras being the Head­ quarters. Podanur had the Vital Railway Workshop, till1940. Coimbatore town had to be satisfied with a small descirpt Railway station with just 2 trains to and fro daily, passing through it! Any how the sudden rise and sudden fall of Podanur was mainly due to the Railway workshop’s presence! from 1935 its importance began to decrease when the main Railway workshop was shifted to Golden Rock Trichy and just as a consolation prize the S.T. Section was left behind!

With the coming up of the Railway Workshop an ever growing number of Railway employees was on the rise, bringing man Furopeons, Anglo-Indians who were dominating the Railways till our Independence (1947) and labourers, drawn from all parts of the South of whom considerable number were Catholics. Hence the Diocese obtained a plot from the Railways and putup temporary church (which now serves as the Prestytcry) Fr. Robin, Parish Priest of the Cathedral constructed a beautiful church in 1901-02 and it was blessed by Bishop Bardu, as it was looked after by the Cathedral parish priest. In 1904, Podanur was made separate parish with Mettupalayam and Shoranur as its substations Fr. A. Lefrancois (1904-06) was the first Parish Priest, but he died on 26-2-1906 at Coimbatore. When the Parish was established it had a Catholic population of 410 (while that of Coimbatore was 3000). Thus, it became one of the “Anglo-Indian dominated” parishes of our Diocese. Even today there is a presence of them, though reduced in size, due to migrations to other countires.

Fr.J.B.Petite (1906-1935) was a Parish Priest, constantly on “the churning wheels” (of the Railway Trains), shuttling between Shornur and Mettupalayam with a “free Train Pass”. He built the church steeple in 1919, and extended the church. Built a church at Mettupalayam in 1922. Shornur was handed over to Calicut Diocese in 1923. Fr. S. Ambrose (1935-50) after creating a record of sorts as cathedral Assistant for 25 years, he was Parish Priest of Podanur for another long innings of 15 years till his death on 2-9-1950. He constructed 3 houses for rental as source of income to the Parish. In 1943 a Convent of the Presentation Convent and a Mother and Child Welfare Hospital was started by them which gradually but steadily expanded into the multi-storied and Modern Hospital with all modern medical facilities in 1995. He made all the preparatory work of building materials for the construction of the compound wall for the church and a Grotto in honour of Our Lady of Lourdes, but it had to be stopped, and it was completed due to the untiring efforts of his successor Rev. Fr. S. Maria Soosai (1950-66) and was blessed by Bishop Savarimuthu in 1960. The ancient chapel-turned Presbytery was also renovated. Later a beautiful altar was erected. As the old church was insufficient for the congregation, Fr.C.S. Madalaimuthu pulled down the old church and built a new-church and a roadside Grotto of Our Lady of Velankanni, both blessed on 20-12-1998 by Bishop Ambrose. The Presbytery was renovated part by part in the year 2002. St. Antony’s church at Kurichi was renovated on 03-02-2002. Since the cemetry is at a distance, for the convenience of the people, a spacious chapel was constructed at the cemetry in 2002. A new Parish Hall was also constructed by Fr. C.S. Madalai Muthu and blessed by Bishop Amborse. In the year 2005 the GoldenJubilee of the parish was celebrated on a very grand scale,as a rememberence of which Fr. Rozario (Junior) brought a Souvenier.

Mass Timings:

Weekdays : Mon: 6.00 a.m & Other days 6.00 p.m
Sundays : 6.30 a.m,  8.15 a.m (English) & 5.30 p.m (Tamil)

St. Joseph’s Church, 
Podanur, Coimbatore – 641 023.
(Estd. 1904 Area: 12 Sq. km)
Phone No. 0422 – 2411249

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St. John De Britto Shrine, R.S.Puram, Coimbatore.

R.S. Puram is the abbreviated form for “Rathina Sabababathy Puram”, named after its founder Mr. Rao Sahih CS. Rathin Sababathy Mudaliar, one of the most nìemorable Chairman of Coimbatore Municipality, v ho can be rightly called “The Father of Coimbatore”. The Siruvani drinking water scheme, which still today quenches the thirst of the need for protected water supply, was due to him. He also conceived and planned the suburb of R.S. Puram, a model for all the later city Housing development schemes. The Coimbatore municipality came into existence in 1866. In the beginning the members were nominated by the British Rulers. That is how our Very Rev. Fr. Rondy could be a member and even the Chairman of Coimbatore Municipality. The councilors chosen by Ballet Boxes was a later development. He was the Chairman of the Coimbatore municipality from 1926-1936, a period which saw Coimbatore, developing in Commerce, Industry, Engineering etc. Hence, he planned and developed this area, which otherwise was an area of thorny bushes, except for the two famous All India Institutions, the Agricultural College (now an Agricultural University), at that time one of the very few institutions of its kind in India and the Forest college (The only other forest College, during and long after the British rule, was at Dhera Dun in the Himalayas). The Architectural construction of both these Institutions, standout till today with the combination of European Sarsanic style). They both had a valuable and unique Museums, a rarity in those days!). The Agricultural college was started in 1906, In 191 2, another unique all India level institution, the Sugar-Cane Institute also came up at that time. The Pykara Hydro-Electricity Project in the Nilgirs, came up in 1932! Hence we can only admire his extra-ordinary foresight and vision. (cfr. Miss. T.K. Shakti Dcvi Kovai Nagara Varalaru p. 69 70).

When this new town extension came up, the Missionaries manaEed to obtain a piece of land at the intersection of th Thadaagm Road, Maruthamalai Road and Forest College Road in 1924. By cleverly exchanging a plot of land, measuring 62 cents, near Ram Nagar, Kattoor, with the Coimbatore Municipality, for this plot of 2 acres and 24 cents. Since there were very few Catholics, it was looked after by the Cathedral Parish. During the II World War, the War – refugees of Malta (All Catholics) were given shelter at the Forest College Campus ; hence Sunday Mass was said at the College. Fr. M. Savarimuthu (later Bishop) as Procurator was their Chaplain. With the help (manual labour) of the Maltese Evacuees, he constructed the Grotto in honour of Our Lady of Lourdes in 1943, which became a popular shrine, in 1948, a chapel was built in honour of St. John de Britto, and was attached to Kattoor, on 15-05-1941 an Elementary School (raised to Higher Elementary later), was started here by Bishop Uhagarasamy, and it is named after him. It was one of the largest Higher Elementary School in the state, later handed over to the Presentation Sisters.

In 1963, it was made a separate parish by Bishop Francis Savarimuthu and Fr. Pappu was the first Parish Priest. A presbytery was built in 1964 and it was later expanded, to form the quaint shape of wings as it is today, with the flooring of uneven surface, due to ‘economizing’ the cost, by building it with the local clay soil! Since the whole plot has the clay soil, even today it becomes dangerously slippery to the unwary! The foundation for the most architecturally modern church, (planed by the famousJesuit Architect, Fr. Stevensen S.J., of Bangalore and constructed by Fr. John Bosco with the help of Mr. Germanus, a famous contractor of Madurai). The foundation was blessed by Bishop Visuvasam, who was known to favour buildings of Grandeaur (the other notable churches of his time, are the churches of Pollachi and Udumalpet). To collect funds for tile church the Parish Priest undertook fund – raising tours of the United States. Whenever he had to be absent from the Parish, Fr. Sadanandam used to substitute him. It va completed by Fr. john Bosco, and was consecrated by Bishoj: Ambrose on 21 .5. 1983. For making room for the new church. the old Gratto “as shifted to a neighboring site. The society ci St. Paul started their house at Saibaba Colony on 20.7.1982 and started a Book-shop of Catholic literature in one of the shops of St. Joseph’s Industrial School, but after a few years, they had to close down both their book-stall (for lack of sufficient Patronage) and consequently their house also.

Unfortunately, the marvelous architectural creation of Fr. Stevanss, S.J. shortly after its blessing, started some defects on the novel church roofing. The Architect had planned the huge semi­ circular church, without any supporting pillars in the body of the church, the columns of the walls, supposed to bear the whole weight. This was to enable the people to have a un-hindered view of the Alter from anywhere inside the Church. But unfortunately, the consultant engineer of his, a Brahmin on whom he had placed his full confidence (as some missionaries of foreign origin won’t to do) on his technical competence, proved to be a misplaced trust as later the Technical experts of the P.S.G. College found out; and supported by other experts, that the basic fault was the iron bars used in its construction, by default of a few milli-meters, in the girth of the iron bars! A hard-learned lesson, how even minute mistakes can affect a magnificent edifice! And anyhow Fr. John Bosco, managed to rectify the small, but dangerous defect, by putting up supporting columns, which ofcourse, marred the original splendor!

Fr. I. Paul Antony, succeeded him and with his characteristic personal magnetism, built up the Parish as a family and attracted parishioners of various talents into a well-knit dynamic group, who began to play a very active supportive role in further developments of the Parish. The long felt-need for a Community Hall of the Parishioners was realized by him. The foundation stone was blessed on 4-11-1990, but unfortunately, before he could complete, he had a stroke and out of action for a few months. But he recovered sufficiently, to complete the community Hall, a standing monument for the cooperation of the committed lay people to their Pastor, and it was blessed by Bishop Ambrose. Later he retired from active parish ministry, due to his physical handicap. On 2.7.1990, a new school building was blessed byBishof 4mbrose and a new Convent house has also come up within the Church compound. The Higher Elementary School was raised to High School recently. The Silver Jubilee of the Parish was celebrated in 1988 and a bell-fry was constructed in memory of it. Rev. Fr. A. Siluvainathar, Fr. Patrick D’Rosario, Fr. Marianathar, Fr. Sadhanandam, Fr. Antony Lawrence, Fr. Dharmanathar and Fr. Jaya Paul, were the former Parish Priests!

Though the Parish is of recent origin, the demarcation of its territory, to say the least is a confusing and illogical one. For instance, Selvapuram which is at the southern end of the Parish, on the Coimbatore-Perur Road could be reached oniy through Kattoor and Cathedral Parish Areas, is closer to the Cathedral than to R.S. Puram! The vast, almost barren terrain upto Marudamalai is developing with an unimaginable swiftness, with the mushrooming of Housing-Colonies. Though a plot of 88 cents was acquired during the time of Fr. Sadhanandam, it was left utilized. The Diocese of Syro-Malabar Rite of Paighat Diocese, with the Congregation of Mary Immaculate (C.M.I.) had taken the lead and had their institutions in this fast developing area! Unless foresight and planning well-in-advance, the future growth of the city, in this space-age, even a delay of short duration could only end in the ioss of vantage sites for our Institutions besides the sky-rocketing price of the land, making them beyond our capacity.

Mass timings :
Weekdays : 6.3O p.m
Sundays : 6.30 & 8.30a.m, 1st & 3rd Sunday, 5.30 p.m In English

St. John De Britto Shrine, 

R.S. Puram, Coimbatore – 641 002.
(Estd :1963 – Area : 25 Sq. miles)
Phone No-0422-2541812

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St. Francis of Assisi Church, Ganapathy, Coimbatore.

The ever-expanding Coimbatore city, is abounding with hundreds of “Nagars”, springing up like ‘mushrooms’ on all directions: more or less, upto Avinashi and Palladam to the east upto Pollachi to the south, upto the State. border and Marutba Malai to the west and to Mettupalayam and Annur to the North. Hence great responsibility and fore sighted planning devolves on the Diocesan authorities to foresee and purchase lands well-in- advance, before the price of the land sky-rockets! Bishop Visuvasam was very adept at this, and he was always particular, the land to be purchased should be on the main high-ways! Ganapathi was a bit unfortunate to have awakened a bit late, to the need of the ever- sprawling new settlements and has to pay the price for ever of having its parish church, a little interior from the main road, and had to raise a tall belfry to be spotted! The foundation for the new church in honour of St. Francis of Assisi, the founder of the Franciscan Order, of which the Capuchins form the largest part, was laid by Bishop Ambrose on 3-5-1987. Rev. Fr. Mathaias OFM (cap) was the then parish priest of Gandhipuram. Ganapathi was a substation of Gandhipuram till 1990. He drew up the plans and nearly completed it. But due to some structural defects, the roofing had to be rectified. On 1-6-1990, it was created as a separate parish, with Rev. Fr. Oubagara Maria Xavier as its first Parish Priest, who had to toil hard to set right the defects, giving a new shape in the process and finally, the church was consecrated on 9- 10-1994 by Bishop Ambrose. A belfry was raised and blessed on 20-10-1996. Visuvasa Puram and Cheran-Ma-Nagar were made its substations. A new Presbytery (unfortunately attached to the church was blessed on 15-10-2000, in the time of Rev. Fr. Dhanaraj. The temporary hail, used as the chapel, is being utilized as the “Parish Hall” vith some modifications. The Salesian iisters, came to the parish and bought a land, adjacent to the :hurch and started a “Home for the street girls” (one of their special :harism as their founder St. John Bosco had started his special spostolate by working among the street boys of Milan, Italy).

Mass Timings:

Weekdays: Mon to Thurs : 6.30 a.m
Fri & Sat: 6.OO p.m
Sundays: 8.15 a.m & 6.00 p.m

St. Francis of Assisi Church,
Athipalayam Pirivu – Assisi Nagar
Ganapathy – Coimbatore – 641 006.
(Estd 1990- Area : 20 Sq. K.M)
Phone No. -0422- 2531533

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Our Lady of Vailankanni shine, Selvapuram, Coimbatore.

This area west of Coimbatore , on the Perur Road, a vast sea jf rich agricultural land till 1950’s. But due to the natural but Forced growth and extension of the city of Coimbatore, housing Colonies and residential areas started mushrooming, inspite of acing valuable agricultural lands, fed with water of River Noyal as well as the large water tank, Muthannan Kulam. Such was the demand for Housing over-riding the importance of Agriculture! Number of Catholics also started settling down in this area which For thousands of years was without any Christian presence, Perur, being one of the ancient centers of Saivism from Sangam Age!

A plot of land was bought, but not on the main Road but rather deep in the interior by Bishop Savarimuthu. After searching in vain for a more convenient but more conspicuous site on the main road, Bishop Visuvasam agreed for the construction of the temporary multipurpose building there in honour of Our Lady of Vellankanni and blessed it on 31-12-1976. As the population increased, a larger site on the main road was purchased and the foundation for the new church was blessed by Bishop Ambrose. The church was blessed on 04-09-2004 by Bishop Thomas Aquinas. It is a novel modern church, as it has a land-level hail (not a crypt) and the church above it, to be rcached by steps! Fr. Alexander Selvanayagam was responsible for its construction. The Peculiarity of this substation is that, though it was part of R.S.Puram, as a matter of fact, the Principals of Carmel Garden Matriculation School were in charge of this place. Fr. Joseph Felix was the main instrument for the buying of thilsand and starting the constructions

1. Vedapatty :

This coiony of new converts of Adi Dravidas, was the missionary fruit of Fr. Chervier who worked among them between 1932 to 1934 from Kattoor. Many Adi Dravidas were converted and a large plot of land was acquired at Vedapatti by the Diocese. A Chapel in honour of Our Lady of Lourdes was constructed with a generous donation of Mr. Thangapragasam Pillai in October 1938, and was blessed by Very Rev. Fr. Bechu, the Vicar Capitular on 29th December, 1938, (Cfr. Bechu : p. 80) During Bishop Visuvasam’s time the large vacant land behind the Chapel, became an income producing scheme of his, by building 6 large Godowns making use of the Government scheme at that time promulgated, by which a substantial amount was taken from the Government as loan with a grant of Subsidy and the Godowns leased for rentals and the loan was paid back, before his death. Thereafter it had been a source of tidy income to the Diocese! Bishop Visuvasam, when he blessed and opened in the Godowns, named them as St. Joseph’s Granaries, since these buildings were then, sought by the Government to store food-grains as stock. (In his own inimitable way he was also referring to the historical granaries that Joseph of the Old Testament built in Egypt nearly 3500 years ago), Fr. John Bosco, the builder of Chruches and Chapels, wherever he was the Parish Priest this seems to be his special “Charism”, built a small but modern chapel, blessed by Bishop Ambrose on 7.3.1983. The F.M.M. Sisters were the “Apostles” of this new convert center from its inception, with their weekly visits and Catechizing and helping them, esp. Sr. Faustina F.M.M. who was fondly called as the ‘Mother Vedapatty’

2. Puluvapatty :

(Ceylon Tamil Reugees Camp ) is attached to this parish and every Tuesday mass is celebrated at. 6.00 p.m.

Our Lady of Vailankanni shine,
Perur Main Road, (Opp.) Thelungupalayam Hospital,
Selvapuram, Komarapalayam.
Estd 2005.
Phone 0422 – 5582024

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Our Lady of Fatima Church, Gandhi Puram, Coimbatore.

Gandhipuram Parish was inaugurated in January 1955 at St.Mary’s Primary School by Fr. Peter Damian. Rt.Rev. Francis Savarimuthu blessed the place & Br.Cosmos also contributed to the construction.Fr. Cassian an American & Provincial delegate was the architect of Fatima church. The church was blessed on December 23,1962

The very next month after the church was blessed, Bishop Francis Savarimuthu laid the foundation for both Shanthi Ashram & Latin School-Minor Seminary.Shanthi Ashram had the inner wing of the choir, refectory & kitchen.Fr. Berchmance constructed the first wing of Shanthi Ashram & also a parish hall in memory of Bishop. Heartmann & they were blessed on 18th April, 1966.

Bishop Ambrose put forth the idea of starting a Matriculation School in July 1996.Fr. Soosai Arul furnished the school while Fr. Jude King put his heart & soul in obtaining the government recognition. Brindshi Matriculation School was inaugurated by Bishop Ambrose on 1st June, 1998.


Fr. Clement was the parish priest who took innovative ideas to buying lands & selling it for house plots & using the profit for construction of a Community Hall.He also took initiatives to start 2 new parishes, Rathinapuri in 1983 & Ganapathy in 1990.The diocese also created N.G.G.O. Colony parish in 1970, Jothipuram in 1987, Goundampalayam in 1997 & Visuvavapuram in 2003.Fr. Solano Ofm.,Cap contemplated ‘MarriAge Bureau’ in 1976 with the blessing of Rt. Rev. C.M.Visuvasam.


It was during the Golden Jubilee year, 2005 that the Heartmann Hall was demolished & a mighty structure ‘Golden Jubilee Spiritual & Social Centre’was constructed. Underneath this came an, Adoration Chapel financed by Mr. Vincent,a parishioner & all other Gandhipuram parishioners & benefactors.Rt.Rev. Thomas Aquinas, Bishop of Coimbatore blessed & opened it on 20th May,2005.

Fr. M. Joseph Ofm.,Cap took over in 2002 & he approved the plan for construction of a Grotto of Our Lady Of Fatima. The FRC ] Fatima Recreation Club)shouldered the responsibity & it was blessed by Fr. Joseph himself in October,2003 during his Golden Jubilee celebration.

Mass Timings:

Sundays: 6am (Tamil), 7:45am (Tamil), 10am (English), 5:30pm (Tamil)
Weekdays: 6:15am (Tamil), 6pm (Tamil)
Tuesdays: 6:45am, 6:30pm Novena to St. Antony
Fridays: 6:30pm Novena to Divine Merry
Saturdays: 11am Mass and novena to our lady of fatima

Adoration chapel is open from 6am to 9pm

4th Street Extension,
Coimbatore- 641 012.

E mail:

Phone No: 0422 2529159 (Parish)
0422 2525237 (Shanthi Ashram)

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Carmel Annai Chruch, Carmel Nager, Podanur, Coimbatore.

The Carmelites of Discalced (1st Goder) hold the record of being the first Religious Order of men to establish their monastery in our Diocese. Though the Jesuits were the first Religious Order (men) to labour in our Diocese, but they did not establish any of their house, inspite of working for over 150 years! Bishop Ubagaraswamy invited them in 1946 and after residing in temporary houses, they bought their own land at Mettur, Podanur and built up their Monastery in 1950. Since, many were settling to the east of the Railway lines, at Mettur, Amman Pudur, Ishwar Nagar, Carmel Nagar, Asbestos colony etc, they planned their church in such a way, that it could also be easily accessible to the people and named it in honour of their Patroness, Our Lady of Mount Carmel and it was blessed by Bishop Sowarimuthu on 25-03-1954, built as a Memorial of the First Marian year! Rev. Fr. Stanislus the first Tamilan to enter their Order, was chiefly responsible for the construction of the monastery and the church. It was established as a Parish only on 23-10-1972 by Bisho Visuvasam and entrusted to the Carmelites.A church was constructed at Othakal Mandapam, blessed by Bishop Visuvasam on 16-03-1975.

In 1986, the ever expanding SIDCO Housing area of Kurichi was attached to this parish along with Othakalmaridapam an Kinathukadvu as substations, There is a natural Grotto of Our Lady at Pillaiarpuram, on the western side of the Housing unit and attracts many devotees. The Carmelites of Manjumel Provinc (Kerala) were for long, managing the Parish. But when the newl formed Tarnil Nadu Province was born on 14-3-1991, it w attached to it. A plot was bought by the Diocese at Sidco and new Church was constructed in honour of the most Holy Trinity and blessed by Bishop Ambrose on 27-02-2000. A new church in honour of Divine Mercy was constructed at Kuniamuthur and blessed by Bishop Ambrose on 21-10-2001. The Samaritan Sisters were the First Religious (sisters) to function in this parish with a Home for the Aged (St. Joseph’s); the Carmelites Sisters of St. Theresa came in 1982. They have started the Mount Carmel Mat.Hr.Sec.School here. The Presentation Sisters have started a Presentation Matriculation Hr. Sec. School at Kurichi along with their convent.

The Christian population of this parish (of Mattur , Podanur) are either those who are Railway Employees or the Employees of Asbestos company or Anglo Indians who have settled down. The Anglo-Indian population is decreasing due to emigration to Austraila and other foreign Countries. The Tamil Catholics hailing from different parts of Tamil Nadu and are settling down in the numerous Hosing colonies. Yet it is to the credit of the Carmelites Fathers, that they have succeeded in welding the disparate Congregation into a parish community and have spread the Devotion to St. Antony of Padua, though he did not belong to their Order! The Shrine that they have constructed in his honour in 1954, still draws devotees from surrounding parishes on Tuesdays! For the common people, whoever is seen wearing the brown habit, must belong to their Order! They do not notice that the Capuchins wear a white cord around their waist, while the Carmelites instead wear a leather black belt! They attach a special sanctity (atleast used to) to the brown habit! The first Carmelite from our diocese is Rev.Fr.Alexis OCD (Arokiaswamy of Karumuthampatty Pudur, who after completing his B.A. 60- years ago when it was a rarity that a Tamil Catholic completes his graduation from home! In the same way the first one to join the Carmelites of the II order, at Puliakulam was also a Graduate daughter of the Retired. DI.G. Mr. Savarimuthu of Savariarpalayam! What is certainly a common strange coincidence in both these first vocations to the Discalced Carmelite Orders is the part played by the late Fr. John Pitchai of happy memory who was the inspirer of their vocation.

Mass Timings:

Weekdays: 6.30 p.m
Tuesdays: 5.30 p.m Mass & Novena to St. Antony
Saturdays: 5.30 p.m
Sundays: 7.00 a.m (English), 8.00 a.m & 5.30 am (Tamil)

Church of Our Lady of Mount Carmel,
Carmel Nagar, Podanur – 641 023.
(Estd 25-3-1 954 – Area 5.5. Sq. Miles)
Phone No. 0422 -2413317

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Infant Jesus Shrine, Kovai Pudur, Coimbatore.

Kovaipudur or rather Kuniamuthur and areas South and West of Palghat Road was in the beginning attached to the Cathedral parish. Bishop Visuwaram was searching for a suitable site on the National Highway of this area, according to his grand plans but he died before it was realized. It was attached to Madukkarai parish and since 05-10-1976, Sunday mass was celebrated in a house with the large Housing colony for the ‘Special Protection Force’ and civilian housing colonies mushrooming all over, a site was bought by the Diocese, with the picturesque back-drop of Vellingiri hills to the west.
With local contribution a small chapel was put up and blessed on 19-04-1984. Sensing the desire of the people to have the Novena of Infant Jesus of Prague, the weekly Novena was started on 15-08-1985. As the number of devotees was increasing, a new church was constructed by Fr. Kulandairaj and it was consecrated on 04-06-1987 by Rev. Bishop Ambrose. On the same day Kovaipudur was erected a new parish with Fr.P. Irudayaraj as its first parish priest.

A new Bell-Tower was built by Fr.P.Irudayaraj and was blessed by same Bishop Ambrose on 08-09-1993. A temporary building for the Seminarians attending the college course was put up and Fr.Antony Manthara was its Rector. Later it was shifted back to the minor Seminary premises of Coimbatore.

By the side of the church, attached parallel to it a spacious open-air hall with overhead roofing was constructed (to accommodate the increasing Devotees.) by Fr. Lourdhu Irudayaraj and blessed by Rev. Bishop Ambrose on 12-01-1997. Finally a new separate presbytery was built by Fr. Lourdhu Irudayaraj and blessed on 23-09-2001 by Bishop Ambrose and also a new Grotto was built and blessed on 06-11-2003. A Grotto of Calvary was constructed and blessed on 15-08-2002. Fr. Dhanasekar built the stations of the cross with life like statues in the year 2005 and it was blessed by Bishop Thomas Aquinas, Fr. Dhanasekar with the collection from the devotees and from the parishioners has constructed “Thottil Gebi” (cradle or cradle chapel) to encourage the parents to lay their children in a cradle to get the special blessings of Infant Jesus.

Thousands of people from all religious and religion visit this Shrine and receive many blessings. On Thursday, during Novena, all those who receive special blessings give ‘witness message’ that encourage others to have more faith in Infant Jesus. Thanks giving letters are also offered on the feet of Infant Jesus.

Mass Timings:

Monday: 6.30 a.m.
Tuesday: 6.30 p.m.
Wednesday : 6.30 a.m.
Thursday : 11.30 a.m,  4.30 p.m. and 6. 00 p.m.
Friday: 6.30 p.m.
Saturday : 6.30 p.m.
Sunday : 8.00 a.m, and 11.30 a.m.

Parish Priest,
Infant Jesus’ Shrine
Kovaipudur P.O.
Coimbatore – 641 042.
Phone: 0422 – 2607157

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St. Sebastian Church, Sitra, Airport Road, Coimbatore.

St. Sebastian Church,
10-B, Airport Road, Sitra,
Coimbatore – 641014.
Tamilnadu, INDIA.
Ph: 0422 – 2580052.