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Sacred Heart Church,Theni

Is it possible for a Catholic Priest to become the president of the Panchayat Board? It was possible in Sindalachery when Fr. Mathew Muttom S.J. was the parish priest (1960 to 1975) Sindalachery became a parish in 1924 during the Bishopric of Mgr. Faisandier. Fr. Audrian S.J. the first parish priest, built in place of the old small church, a bigger and better church and dedicated it to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Fr. Mares, S.J. started a school for boys and another for girls. Fr. Gonsalves, S.J. brought the Sisters of the Immaculate Conception and gave them the charge of the girls school. Another school was started in Thevaram thanks to the generosity of a chettiar; this school first run by sisters was later given to lay teachers. In 1956 Fr. M.A. Arulanandam built the present presbytery. 1960 to 1975 was the period of Fr. Mathew Muttom, S.J. which saw a considerable amount of development works. He started the Social Service Society. He dug 73 wells under the Food for work scheme of the C.R.S. providing pump sets for 53 of them. With the funds he got from Germany he constructed a flour mill, built a go – down and arranged to build houses. He constructed roads from Sindalachery to Kutchanur, to Kilasindalachery and Bomminayakanpatty. As all the wells in the village yielded only blackish water, Fr. Mathew with the help of the Government and the contribution of the people dug a new well which even to-day affords drinking water. He arranged also that the foundation for the overhead tank should be laid by the then Chief Minister Hon’ble Kamaraj on 28.04.1963. The dedicated life of Fr. Mathew was the inspiration for many to offer themselves to God’s service in priestly or religious life. He was unanimously elected first a councilor and then the President of the Panchayat Board. The other parish priests are Fr. S. Sebastian (1982-1988), Fr. Lawrance Xavier, (March 1988 – June 1988) and Fr. Sylvester D’Cruz (June 1988). During the period of Fr. Edward Francis (2003) the new parochial church was constructed and consecrated by Most Rev. Arockia Samy and Most Rev. Antony Pappusamy. The parish is being helped by the Amala Annai H.S.S, Amala Annai Primary School in Sindalachery, by St. Theresa’s R.C. Middle School, Thevaram and St. Patrick’s Community Health Centre and Tailoring Institute, Sindalachery.

Sacred Heart Church,
T. Sindalacherry,
Thevaram –Va,
Theni Dt,
Pin – 625530.

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Our Lady Of Velankanni Church, Chinnamanur, Theni

Before the bifurcation of the parish Chinnamanur, Margayankottai and Seelayanpatti were under the parish of Uthamapalayam. The other substations such as Muthulapuram, Erasai, Moorthinayakkanpatti, Sukkangalpatti, Kamatchipuram and the Hill stations such as Megamalai, Highwavis, Manalar, Upper Manalar, Venneicer, Maharaja-Mettu and Eravangalar were under the parish of Rayappanpatti. Fr. I. Joachim built the parish church. This parish was erected on 23-05-2004 by Most Rev. Peter Fernando, the Archbishop of Madurai. There are 300 Catholic families and 1200 catholics. Most of the Catholics are coolie workers.

Our Lady Of Velankanni Church,
Ponnagar Road,
Theni Dt,
Tamilnadu, INDIA.
Pin – 625515.

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Holy Sprit Church, Theni

Holy Sprit Church,
Theni Dt, Tamilnadu, INDIA.

Pin – 625533.

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Holy Redeemer’s Church, Theni

Theni is one of the important markets in Tamil Nadu. The parish started in 1939 with Fr. Pujo S.J. as the first parish priest, has very few catholics at the centre; but there are more catholics in the neighbouring villages; Kottur village is half Catholic. Early missionaries used to come from Silukkuvarpatty and later from Periyakulam to Theni area, their main thrust being towards Pallers who are in a majority in this area. Fr. Pujo S.J. made this conversion movement successful thanks to the help of the dedicated Br. Alphonse, of the Sacred Heart Congregation. The original church Theni had been built by Fr. Susai Regis from the fund left by Fr. Munch S.J. around 1930 and the present enlarged church was built by Fr. Pujo around 1942.

The Presentation Sisters who were not satisfied with their work in Periakulam came to Theni in 1937 and started a school and a small medical aid centre under the trees. Now the school has grown into the Presentation H.S.School and the medical centre has become the present Holy Redeemer’s Hospital specializing in maternity cases. The parish priest is looking after two schools a Primary School and a High School for boys and girls in Theni and a Primary School in Kottur. The other parish priests have been Fr. Devasia, S.J., Fr. Burns S.J., Fr. Clayton, S.J., Fr. Kulandaisamy S.J., Fr. Ignatius, Fr. J. Pancras, Fr. Maria Pancras and Fr. S. Jeganather from January 1988-92. People still remember Fr. Clayton not only for his building churches in Uppukkotai, Andipatti and Bodinayakkanur, but chiefly for his love of poor women on whom he would lavish his daily alms and many of whom he sent to convents outside Theni.

Holy Redeemer’s Church,
Bungalow Medu, Madurai Road,
Theni, Pin – 625531.
Tamilnadu, INDIA.

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Our Lady Of Queen Of Heaven Church, Uthamapalayam, Theni

Uthamapalayam was the substation of Hanumanthanpatti till 1988. In 1967-69 a small residence was built in Uthamapalayam for the parish priest who came from Hanumanthanpatti. In 1988 it was bifurcated as a parish. At the time of bifurcation there were 800 families. Now there are almost 2000 Christian families in this parish. The church was built by the Carmelitie fathers who looked after the people in late eighties.

Our Lady Of Queen Of Heaven Church,
Theni Dt. Tamilnadu, INDIA.
Pin – 625533

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Punitha Arockia Annai Church, Bodinayakanur, Theni

Till 1989 Bodi a small substation was under the parish of Theni. It is 15 kms. away from Theni. On 19.05.1990, the parish was erected at the period of His Grace Most Rev. Arockiasamy. It has three substations namely i) Top station, ii) Central station, iii) Kolukkumalai. The total population of Bodi is 80000 out of which the Catholic population is 210 families. The main occupation of people is coolie work. The parochial church was renovated and opened at the time of Fr. Cyprian.

Punitha Arockia Annai Church,
S.S Puram, Bodinayakanur,
Theni Dt. Tamilnadu, INDIA.
Pin – 626513.
Ph:04546-2566198, 04546-281274

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Our Lady Of Snow’s Church, Rayappanpatty, Theni

It is a holy place for the Christians. Royappan patty is an interior village located 100 kms away from the extreme south of Madurai District in “Cumbum” valley . The nearby town are Cumbum (5km) and Uthamapalayam (5km). The church of Lady of Snows at Rayappan patty is having a tower of 137 ft high.. It’s construction work was done from 1902 to 1925. It was opened in 1925. The design of this church is similar to the church of St. Lourdu’s Church in the campus of St. Joseph’s College at Trichy. The Church Bell can be heard even from a distance of 10km and is made of bronze metal. This was donated to the Church by Savariappa Udayar who imported from Germany.

The people have the faith that the Lady of Snows safeguards against snakes and other poisonous insects. The festival of this Church is conducted in the first week of August month. The prayers enchanted at that time will be very impressive. During hot summer days when there is no rain, special devotional prayers will be arranged for the rain and will be amply rewarded. Aslo during the out break of epidemics like Plague, Cholera and other infectitious diseases special arrangements will be made for prayers to ward off these evils. There will be a special Bosco Drama played every year for the past 50 years which depicts the life history of Jesus Christ.

Our Lady Of Snow’s Church,
Theni Dt. Tamilnadu. INDIA.
Pin – 625526

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