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Our Mission and Vision of Regional Commission For Evangelization…To execute the directives given in the Vision Statement of the Church in Tamilnadu based on the Magisterium of the Church and the Mission Commandment of Jesus Christ, our Lord with the view of instilling zeal for evangelization in the Church.

In order to materialize the Vision, TNBC Commission for Evangelization aims at the animation of Catholics (Priests, Religious and Laity) into New Evangelization which needs the formation of resource persons along with the co-ordination of evangelizers and publication of necessary materials.

Bishop’s House,
2 Court Road,

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Anboli TV –

What is “Anboli”?
“ Anboli” is a private channel run by Rev. Fr. A. Thomas, Parish Priest, Our Lady of Health Church, Puducherry.

Whether it is private channel?
Yes, it is a private channel.

Whether, “Anboli” is a catholic Media channel?
Yes, it is a catholic Media (Private) channel which telecasts all Catholic programmes, Announcements of Marriage, Birthdays and Death anniversary of the church members of the parish and also live telecast of Holy Mass proclaiming the Word of God.

Whether it is an international channel?
No. It is only a local channel telecasted all over Puducherry. Planning to take the channel internationally through hi speed internet.

How did this Project Begin?
The idea of starting the channel was conceived by Rev. Fr. Thomas, Parish Priest, and Our Lady of Health Church due to the demand from Catholic community.

What does “Anboli channel” imply?
Anboli channel implies “The way, The Truth and the Life”. During crisis, Trust in Lord Jesus Christ and move forward.

Who owns “Anboli Channel”?
“Anboli Channel” is solely owned by “Anboli Trust” and managed by Rev Fr. A. Thomas. It is an independent organization based in Puducherry, India. It has trustees but does not have shareholders or owners.

How is Anboli Channel financed?
There are no shares, no invested funds and “Anboli “receives no advertising or syndication income.
Anboli‘s mode of operation continues to this day all over Puducherry through Media.
Does Anboli charge for its services?
Yes, it is chargeable service.

How is Anboli staffed?
Anboli has nearly 5 employees. It is headed by Fr. A. Thomas.

Does Anboli have an official status in the church?
No,It has no official status in the church. Anboli is an independent operation.

What is “Anboli’s” relationship with the Bishop and Priest?
Anboli has been started by the Puducherry Archbishop and the support of the people of Puducherry, in an overwhelming way.
What are the main facts about Anboli’s Media Network?
Anboli is programming 24 hours a day. All our staff members are putting more efforts for our media task. This type of channel should reach all over Puducherry and also various districts through internet all over the world.

How many viewers and listeners does Anboli have?
We don’t know how many viewers tune into Anboli. The only way we can answer this is by starting in how many areas Anboli is down linked by cable TV operators, Broad cast television stations and DBS, DTH.

Our cable TV affiliates inform us of their subscriber numbers, so we know the numbers of households, where” Anboli” reaches.

What are the various types of programming that Anboli provides?
Anboli provides a rich variety of programming intended for each generation in a catholic family.

Anboli programming philosophy is in accordance with the teaching of the Magisterial, Principal categories include:-

Daily Mass and Devotions.
Church / Papal Events: extensive live coverage of Bishop Visit, celebrations and major church events.
Documentaries, Drama, concerts.
Children and teen Programs.
Anboli doesn’t show programmers about alleged apparitions that are not approved by the church, through the authority of the Puducherry Bishop.

Who produces programs offered on Anboli?
Well, we produce programs of recitation of rosary,(four mysteries) daily programmers of different tastes ,evaluation of magazines books, periodicals etc: Bible and other literature, sharing the origin and the normal function of the pious association, karnatic music and Indian catholic liturgy, catholic news the Documentaries and playback plays and films, musical concerts that are acquired in the CD’s.

What has been the experience of Anboli’s effect on viewers of other Christian denominations and non-Christian faiths?
The correspondence, which Anboli receives from members of traditional mainstream Protestant churches, is most gratifying
These Viewers appreciate that, while Anboli is intended for catholic families, it offers programmes, which are profound in both its solid theology and cultural content and wide in its variety.
Letters and e-mails received from viewers of non-Christian faiths show they are satisfied with the way in which they are satisfied with the way in which Anboli portrays the catholic faith, which helps them understand the tents of the teachings of the catholic church.

In a nutshell “ANBOLI TV” brings JESUS into Homes


Our Lady of Good Health Church,
Pondicherry – 605007
Phone: 0413 – 2600799

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Our Mother of Perpetual Help LIVE from Rome

Our Mother of Perpetual Help Available via Live Video Stream. Please Visit:

The original icon of Our Mother of Perpetual Help, now coming to you live from the Church of Sant Alfonso in Rome, Italy – 24 hours a day!

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Anbinmadal – Tamil catholic website

A Tamil Catholic web site based on the scripture ACTS share your experience in Jesus and Mary with everyone. This site was started in September 8, 2002


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Tradition has it that around 1540, a Portuguese trading vessel while sailing around the Cape of Good Hope, on its way to the East encountered a violent storm and had its sails split and the hind mast snapped. The vessel ran the risk of being foundered. The Captain who was devoted to the veneration of the Holy Cross, implored and entrusted the safety of the vessel and that of the cre to the crucified Christ. He also made a vow that he would construct a Cross from a portion of the splintered mast and has it implanted on the shore where they alight in safety. Perchance, the vessel after having drifted for several days sought haven in then then well known port of Kulesakharapatnam-Manpad. In fulfillment of his vow, the Captain had the Cross planted on the top of the hillock forming the natural Southern arm of the harbor. The Captain erected over the cross a small hut as protection against possible ravages of weather. Read More…

Tamil Christian Songs:


Arulvakku is Tamil Bible online, a place to read the Holy Bible. It was designed to be used by the Christians all over the world. It is made easy to search for a particular word or verse from the bible and to read it in a simplified way. It tracks down all the similar search words from the whole of bible and gives it with the relevant verses for easy reading and researching the bible. It was created in 1998 and it has served the Christians everywhere, especially to those places where the Holy Bible can not be carried or read.

Besides containing the whole bible, hosts several other useful resources for Christians, like prayers in Tamil, hymns used in the church and related videos.

Now, also launched an online shopping – non profit – to cater to the needs of the Christians all over the world to make it easy for them to avail themselves of the Christian products from Tamilnadu. will make available all the Christian productions like Audio Cassettes and CDs and Video CDs and printed books and leaflets.

195, Vakkil New Street
Simmakkal, Madurai
Tamilnadu 625001 INDIA
e.mail: rasa @

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