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Our Lady of Assumption Church, Kamanayakkanpatti, Tuticorin

All are welcome at Our Lady of Assumption Church, Puthumainagar, Kamanayakkanpatti.

We, as the devotees of Holy Mary & faithful followers of Jesus Christ, create, nurture, and maintain a community of love through worship, reconciliation, healing, formation, education and service.

Through Chronological liturgical and Eucharist, we seek the wisdom and guidance of the Holy Spirit, embracing the love of our Creator in each thought, word and action.

As humble servants of God, we remain faithful to the teachings of the Holy, Roman Catholic Church; waiting in joyful hope for our Lord’s coming.

Our Lady of Assumption Church


Kamanayakkanpatti played an important part in the former Madurai Mission and might be considered as the Mother Church for the southern region. It was also the center of evangelization in the Tirunelveli inland territory at the end of the 17th and 18th centuries. It had covered up Srivilliputhur (north-west), Vadakkankulam (south), Tenkasi (South-west) and the inland areas in the East.

In 1664 Fr. Freyre visited this area and found that there were Christians already here. In 1684, a small church was built by Rev. Fr. John De Britto, when he visited and made this place as the center for the missionary activities. Fr. Xavier Porgheese was the first parish priest who resided here and administered the Sacraments.It was the first time that K.N.P. was mentioned in the records of the history.Around the year 1690, it is said that a girl fell into an open well and died, while the parents and the villagers pleaded to Our Lady, she was miraculously brought back to life. Fr. Beschi came over during 1712-1715 and stayed here to learn the local language. It was at this time that he inculturated the Christian faith into the Indian culture. It was at his time that the Church was named as the Our Lady of Assumption.

In 1728 the Church was several times visited by thieves and plundered the village. It is said that a thief, stealing the image of Our Lady and was about to carry it away, when all on a sudden, he became blind. Around 1748 the old Church of K.N.P. was completely burnt down by some evil forces against the Christian faith, yet the statue of Our Lady remained unstained and was saved. Though it was a time of severe famine, the Christians rebuilt it against the thought of their enemies and with divine providence. Fr. Lawrence de Almeyda in charge of Mannargudi or Mannarcoil, falling sick on his way to the Coast, died at K.N.P, on the first of February 1748 after receiving the last sacraments. He was known as Rajendra swami, and his tomb can be seen even today at K.N.P.

There was an interval of 82 years from 1756 to 1838. During this time there were no priests, sacraments, Eucharist.etc, yet people stood firm in their faith by their popular devotion to Our Lady, with the help of the local catechists. Then Fr. Alexander Martin, known as Visuvasanandarswami accompanied by Fr. Mousset M.E.P., was the first Jesuit to visit K.N.P. Both celebrated the feast of the Assumption in 1838. Fr. Alexander was firm in removing the discrimination on the basis of caste and getting settled in the beginning of the twentieth century. After him Fr. J. Maria Dass extended the Church and built the present one with much elegance and style. It has a beautiful sanctuary, altar and stands on twelve pillars signifying the twelve apostles.

As the beginning of the jubilee year (325) and an honor to Our Lady, the ROSARY GARDEN was built with leading of Rev.Fr. Arulambrose (2005-2010) and it is convenient for people to pray the rosary at all times. It is slowly gaining its lost importance. This parish is known all over for its significant and unique devotions to Our Lady called “Kumbidu Sevai”, which tells the emptiness of human before God. This has got very many cultural impacts among the people and still holds the faith of the people. This is the first place where the practice of Car procession was introduced by Fr. Beschi.

Now many people flock to this place of grace and also experience the hand of God in their prayers and give thanks to God the Almighty through Our Lady. Last year, this mission has celebrated 325th jubilee year, many are visiting and honoring Our Mother. People from all over the country come over here through out the year and worship Our Lady.


Liturgical Timings:

Daily Services:
6.00 am – Morning Prayer and Holy Mass
7.00 pm – Rosary and evening Prayers

Weekly services:
All Saturdays:
12.30 am – Holy Mass for pilgrims.
7.00 pm – Rosary and Novena prayers
7.30 pm – Holy Mass, Benediction
All Sundays:
8.00 am Holy Mass, Benediction

Monthly Services:
First Friday:
7.00 pm – Rosary, Holy hour, Holy Mass, Adoration
IInd, IVth Sunday:
5.30 am – Holy Mass,
10.30 am – Holy Mass for Children (IInd Sunday only)
IVth Saturday:
7.00 pm – Rosary, Novena prayers at Rosary Garden
7.30 pm – Holy Mass at Rosary Garden
8.30 pm – Car Procession from Rosary Garden to Shrine
9.00 pm – Benediction
10.00 pm – “ Muzhu Nizhavu Vizha” at Rosary Garden
12.00 pm – Holy Mass at Rosary Garden

Our Lady of Assumption Church,

Duraiyur (Via),
Tuticorin (Thoothukudi) – District,
Tamilnadu, India.
Pin code – 628720.
Tel: +91 4632 244229, +91 4632 244230

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Diocese of Dindigul

The diocesan territory stretches over a land area of 6,266 square kilometers and covers the civil district of Dindigul. Dindigul and Palani are the largest towns in the diocese.

The total population in the diocesan area was 1,923,014 as of the end of 2005. Tamils form the majority ethnic group here.

Political structure:
Towns are governed by municipalities, while villages and small towns are administered by local bodies called Panchayats.

The per capita income in the diocesan territory is 18,983 rupees (US$408 as of August 2006). Agriculture, especially paddy cultivation, is done extensively. Dindigul is also famous for its locks and tanneries.

Government and private operators provide extensive telecommunication facilities in the diocesan area. The diocese enjoys local cable TV networks.

Tamil and English are the languages used.

The diocesan area is well connected in terms of roads and railways. The nearest airport is in Madurai, the second largest city in the state of Tamil Nadu.

The literacy rate here is 69.35 percent.

About Diocese:

The Holy Father, John Paul II, erected the new Diocese of Dindigul on November 10, 2003 bifurcating the diocese of Tiruchirapalli and Most. Rev. Antony Pappusamy was installed at the first Bishop of the diocese on December 28, 2003.

Dindigul the 17th diocese in Tamilnadu consists of 37 parishes. In addition to 31 parishes from Tiruchirapalli, 6 parishes were carved out of Madurai Archdiocese and added to the new Dindigul diocese. And there are 56 diocesan priests working in 3 Vicariates which are, Dindigul consisting of 8 parishes, Kosavapatty consiting of 8 parishes and Panjampatty consisting of 11 parishes. After the erection of the diocese 3 more parishes have been created anew. The geographical area of the newly formed Dindigul Diocese is almost co-extensive with the civil administrative area of the Dindigul District in the South Indian State of Tamilnadu. The enumerated catholic population is 1,03,049.

After the death of Bishop Canoz at the age of 83 in 1888, Msgr. John Barthe, S.J. who was consecrated the Bishop of Tiruchirapalli. In 1914, when Bishop Barthe resigned, Msgr. Augustine Faisandier, S.J. who had been his Coadjutor from 1909 succeeded him. In 1923, a portion of the Fishery Coast with 70,000 Catholics was detached from Tiruchirapalli diocese to form the new diocese of Tuticorin and was entrusted to the care of the Diocesan clergy with Msgr. Tiburtius Roche, S.J. as its first Bishop. After the death of Msgr. Augustine Faisandier, S.J. in 1935, Msgr. John Peter Leonard, S.J. was appointed Bishop of Tiruchirapalli in 1936.


In !938, on the centenary year of the New Madurai Mission, the diocese was again divided. The diocese of Tiruchirapalli retained the five civil taluks of Palani, Dindigul, Kulithalai, Tiruchi and Kolathur with a Catholic population of 98,000 with Msgr. James Mendonca as the First Diocesan Bishop of Tiruchi. The rest of the old diocese with 1,60,0000 Catholics was erected as the new diocese of Madurai with Msgr. J.P.Leonard, S.J. as its first Bishop. Fifteen years later in 1953 Madurai diocese was raised to the status of an Archdiocese with Tiruchi, Tuticorin and Kottar as its suffragan Dioceses.

At the time of bifurcation of Madurai Archdiocese from Tiruchirapalli, the Dindigul town and the church in Mettupatti, though still in the Madurai district, remained part of the Tiruchirapalli diocese. Bishop James Mendonca found his diocese large enough to launch the idea of dividing it. Again this idea got strengthened under his successors Bishops Thomas Fernando who was the Apostolic Admistrator of Tiruchirapalli and the division was finally decided by the Holy See during the time of Bishop Antony Devotta on Nov.10, 2003.

Bishop Antony Pappusamy:

Bishop Antony Pappusamy was born on Oct. 1, 1949 in Marambady in Dindigul diocese. He was ordained a priest on July 7, 1976, and ordained Titular Bishop of Zaba on Feb. 4, 1999. He was appointed the first Bishop of Dindigul on Nov. 10, 2003. He was the auxiliary bishop of Madurai Archdiocese before becoming the bishop of Dindigul. He is the chairman of Tamil Nadu Bishops’ Council’s commission for Clergy and Religious.

For information or donation contact
Bishop’s House, P.B. No: 62 St.Joseph’s Cathedral Campus, Dindigul – 62400. Tamilnadu, India.
PHONE: 0451-2441405, 2436712 FAX : 0451-2424405


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St Lourde’s Church, Trichy.

The Our Lady of Lourdes Church is located in the city of Tiruchirapalli in the state of Tamil Nadu, India. The Roman Catholic Basilica is devoted to Our Lady of Lourdes.


The CAUVERY with its ceaseless and bounteous flow and the ROCKFORT with its timeless history seem to converge imperceptibly in the divine precincts of the hallowed CHURCH OF OUR LADY OF LOURDES at the heart of ST.JOSEPH’S COLLEGE.

St.Joseph’s College church completed in A.D. 1895 JESUIT FATHERS presents a fascinating study of contrasting styles for a connoisseur of architecture as it is a replica of our Lady of Lourdes church – France.

Fr.Celle,S.J. Suggested the Gothic Style of architecture with its penchant for the pointed arch – the church top rises 62 feet above the nave.

Fr.Louis Garnier,S.J. Adopted the Norman style of architecture, with massive walls, round pillars and topped arches.

1890 – Construction work started
1895 – Foundation work completed
1903 – Completed and Blessed
1996 – Renovation work started
1998 – Renovation work completed & Blessed
1999 – Way of the Cross Erected & Blessed


St Lourdes Church Trichy 1

Statue of our lady at the entrance
“My Soul Magnifies the Lord and my spirit rejoices in God my Saviour”


– 5 Statues of Great Saints in the middle of the Tower.
– The Gothic Tower filled with artistic petal like flowers and dolls in the shape of pet animals.
– The Chimney Bell at a height of 90 feet.
– Colourful stained glass windows depicting the life of Jesus, Jesuit Saints and Evangelists.
– Grotto of our Heart of Jesus on the right side and grotto of our Lady on the left side at the entrance.
– 14 stations of the Way of the Cross on the inner church road.

St Lourdes Church Trichy 2

The Church on a Feast day illuminated with Lights

St Lourdes Church Trichy 3

The Holy ALTAR

St Lourdes Church Trichy 4

The inner view of the church



MORNING – 5.30 am & 6.30 am
EVENING – 6.30 pm

MORNING – 5.15 am, 6.15 am & 7.30 am
EVENING – 6.30 pm

Thursdays – 5.30 pm to 6.30 pm – Charismatic prayer service
Fridays – 6.00 pm – Special novena for the Sacred Heart
Saturdays – 6.00 pm – Rosary, litany, special mass of our Lady of Lourdes

10.00 am to 1.00 pm – Evangelistic prayers for the power of the Holy Spirit.
6.00 pm – Exposition of the various books of the Bible

Novena, Special Mass, Car Procession in and around Mainguard Gate

Patron of the College

The Founder of the Society of Jesus

Patron of the Missions

Way of the Cross – Daily (abbreviated)
Special Way of the Cross on Fridays
Retreat for specific groups

Special Holy Week Services

Devotion to Our Lady : Rosary, Litany and Special Mass
Daily Car Procession within the Campus
Saturdays : Car Procession around the College road and Special Mass on 31st May

Feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus will be celebrated in a special way.


Christmas – Carol Services, Special Mass on X’mas Day


Mary our mother
Bless you and your family abundantly &
Grant you the showers of her loving kindness


Contact Us:
Our Lady of Lourdes Church,
St. Joseph’s College Campus,
Tiruchirapalli (Trichy), Tamil Nadu. INDIA.

For more information Please visit:,_Tiruchirapalli


Photo Courtesy / Source:
Photos by Nicola e Pina India 2010


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Ransom Church, Kanyakumari

Our lady of Ransom Church

The Kanyakumari Parish almost coincides with the civil village of Kanyakumari. Archeological evidences suggest that St. Thomas, a disciple of Jesus Christ visited this soil. In 1542 St. Francis Xavier came here. In 1862, Kanyakumari became a separate parish. In 1914 the church was constructed. The length of the Church is 153 feet, breath 53 feet and height is 153 feet. All these depict the breads of the Holy Rosary. The parish has nearly 13,000 people organized into 86 Basic Christian Communities.

History of Kanyakumari Parish

Kanyakumari village is situated in the District of Kanyakumari which is the southern most part of the Indian subcontinent. The Kanyakumari Parish almost coincides with the civil village of Kanyakumari. It is closely associated with the mainstream Catholic faith in India.

There were archeological evidences suggesting that St. Thomas, one of the twelve disciples of Jesus Christ visited this soil. The tomb stones unearthed at Kumari Muttom, near Kanyakumari contain evidences to show that Catholics were living there for many centuries. The tomb stones dated 1496 contain the edict of the local ruler granting tax exemptions to the residents of Kumari Muttom and authorizing levy of a cess from the fishermen in Kumari Muttom. The aggregate income thus generated had to be used to keep the lights of the church burning.

The second inscription dated 1526 AD reads “on the twentieth day of the moth of Panguni king Siraval Muttambiranar was pleased to order Muttakangan and Illayakangan and others among the subjects living at the place of Muttom. We having been pleased to put a stop to riots, quarrels, injustice, tyranny, blackmail and confiscations of fish, they shall here after live here as in an asylum for the oppressed”.

In 1542 when St. Francis Xavier came to Cape Comerin (Kanyakumari) he was delighted to find ‘Our Lady of Delights Grotto’, at Kanyakumari. Then it became a center for mission activities of the Jesuits from Thoothoor to Ramanathapuram. It is believed that Our Lady of Delights Grotto, in which St. Francis Xavier worshiped, later became the church of Our Lady of Ransom. Our Lady of Ransom is the Patron of the congregation in Spain which redeemed the Christians from the Muslim invasion in the year 1218. The people of Kanyakumari were delighted to combine the name Ransom with Delight and call their patron as Alangara Upakara Matha. The wooden alter elegantly depicts the artistic Roman Art. This church remains part and parcel of the new church. The foundation stone for the new church was laid on 31st May 1900 by Rev. Fr. John Consolvez. Mr. Pakiam Pillai of the Vadakkankulam was the architect of the new church. It is the model of ancient Gothic Art and culture. The length of the new Church is 153 feet, breath 53 feet and height is 153 feet. All these depict the breads of the Holy Rosary.

In 1862 Kanyakumari was established as a separate parish and many eminent priests have served as parish priests of the church. In 1914 Msgr. Vincent Fdo celebrated the First Mass in the newly built Church. In 1956 Rev. Fr. Josaphath Maria completed the front elevation and the pinnacles. In 2006 the parish celebrated the golden jubilee of the erection of the golden cross and 106th year of laying foundation of the church.

At present Kanyakumari parish has 2,850 Catholic families, which are organised into 88 Basic Christian Communities. The total Number of the Catholics amounts to 12,839. There are 21 pious associations. The parish established an elementary school in the year 1882 and now 540 children are studying in the vernacular language. The parish has a Higher Secondary School established in the year 1921, where 1350 students are studying.

The spiritual life of the parishioners is well attended too under the able leadership of the parish priest. The co-pastors and a few guest priests constantly render spiritual services to the people. The Sunday Catechism is well organized, nearly 800 children attend the Sunday Catechism.

Tsunami which struck the coastal villages of Tamil Nadu on 26th December 2004 had great impact on Kanyakumari village too. Thanks to the Non Governmental Organisations (NGOs), Religious Organizations, other establishments and philanthropists for their great yeomen services in relief and rehabilitation of the tsunami affected people. A remarkable achievement is nearly 750 houses for the poor fishermen of Kanyakumari were established in addition to the support extended to reestablish their sources of livelihood.

The local catholic church at Kanyakumari is growing day by day in the love of Christ and ever pray for the blessings of our Lord Jesus Christ through the interceding of Alangara Upakara Matha.

History of the Flag Mast:

In 1917 a foreign merchant ship got struck to the sand shore of Leepuram, Kanyakumari. The strenuous efforts of the crew and other experts to restore it did not help them. Hence they decided to abandon the ship and went in for an auction.


One Mr. Kayathan Villavarayan a merchant from Tuticorin paid the highest bid and assumed the ownership of the abandoned ship. He had donated the iron mast to Our Lady of Ransom Church, Kanyakumari. The kattumarams of Kanyakumari were brought to Leepuram to take the mast to Kanyakumari. It is said that as soon as the mast was loaded on the kattumarams, the mast together with the kattaumarams sunk into the sea water. After a few minutes, the kattumarams and the mast began to float. The bye standers were astonished to see the grace of Our Lady of Ransom. Then they took the mast to Kanyakumari by road.

When the mast was taken to the church yard, another major difficulty was faced regarding the erection of the mast. They consulted the experts and engineers and came to the decision of inserting it into a hole cut out of a large stone. The stone cutters were approached and they searched for such a huge stone that could serve this particular purpose. In spite of rigorous search, they could not find out any suitable stone. It is believed that Our Lady of Ransom appeared to a stone cutter in dream and indicated the location of a suitable stone. The stone cutter accompanied by the people of Kanyakumari reached the location indicated and they were surprised to see a big stone, befitting the purpose.

They took the stone, made a bore hole and inserted the mast into it. To make the fitting more concrete and long lasting, they poured molted led and erected the mast.

Feast of Our Lady and the Golden Car Procession

Every year the feast of our Lady of Ransom is celebrated for 10 days in the month of December. The feast of Our Lady of Ransom begins with the flag hoisting on the following Friday immediately after the feast of St. Francis Xavier, Kottar which falls on 3rd of December. The first day of the feast begins with the flag hoisting. During the festivals, every day morning festival mass is celebrated and in the evening there will be benediction with special prayers and preaching. The eight day evening Corpus Christi Procession is held with due decorum. The ninth day evening special vespers and celebrations are held. The culmination of the feast is the golden car procession. There are two golden cars which are taken on the 9th and 10th days of the feasts. Our Lady of delight is taken in procession in the 1st car, which was made in the year 1798. St. Joseph, the spouse of Mary is taken in procession in the 2nd car, which was made in the year 1833. Like any other coastal village of Kottar diocese, the festival is celebrated with full spirit and all pomp and glory.

Mass & Prayer

Sunday: Holy Mass 5.30 am, 7.00 am and 4.00 pm

Week days: Holy Mass 6.15 am

First Friday: 
Rosary 6.30 pm
One hour Adoration from 7.00 to 8.00 pm

First Saturday:
Rosary 6 pm
Holy Mass 6.30 pm
Healing Prayers 7.30 pm
Benediction 8 pm

All other Saturdays:
Rosary 6 pm
Holy Mass 6.30 pm
Healing Prayers 7.30 pm

Our lady of Ransom church
Kanyakumari 629702
Tel: 04652-246323, 246295

For more information please visit:


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Holy family Chruch, Ettamadai, Nagercoil

Holy family Chruch,
Ettamadai, Nagercoil, Kanyakumari District.

Our Lady of Mount Carmel Chruch, Ramapuram, Nagercoil

Our Lady of Mount Carmel Chruch,
Ramapuram, Nagercoil, Kanyakumari District.

Our Lady of Mount Carmel Chruch

Our Lady of Mount Carmel Chruch 1

Salem Diocese – List of Parishes

Agraharam (Est: 1880)
Holy Spirit Church,
A.N. Mangalam (P.O.), Karippatty Via, Salem – 636 106
Tel: +91 427 2482526

Alagapuram (Est: 1997)
St. Michael’s Church,
Convent Road, Alagapuram, Salem-636016
Tel: +91 427 2440216

Arisipalayam (Est: 1991)
Infant Jesus Cathedral,
Omalur Main Road, Salem – 636 009.
Tel: +91 427 2352526

Attur (Est: 1939)
St. Mary’s Church,
Attur (P.O.), Salem–636102
Tel: +91 4282 250101

Chinnagollapatti (Est: 2008)
Our Lady of Perpetual Help,
Mount Mary Matic. School, Chinnagollapatti, Peryal Nagar, Salem – 636 008
Tel: +91 427 2405520

Elanagar (Est: 1939)
St. Paul’s Church,
Elanagar (P.O.), Via Vela-gaundamppatty Namakkal (Dt) – 637212
Tel: +91 4286 268646

Gangavalli (Est: 1935)
Christ the King Church,
Gangavalli (P.O.), Attur (Tk), Salem – 636105
Tel: +91 4282 232122

Idappadi (Est: 1870)
St. Selvanayagi Church,
Vellandivalasai (P.O.), Salem (Dt) – 637105
Tel: +91 4283 222260

Jayarakkini Nagar (Est: 2007)
Annai Jayarakkini Church,
Jayarakkini Nagar, Naranampalayam Pudur, Kamalapuram P.O.
Salem – 636309

Johnsonpet (Est: 1924)
St. Antony’s Church,
Johnsonpet, Salem-636007
Tel: +91 427 2416563

Kakkaveri (Est: 1880)
Our Lady Mt. Carmel Church,
Kakkaveri(P.O.), Namakkal (Dt) – 637 415
Tel: +91 4287 223620

Karumandurai (Est: 2008)
St.Francis of Assisi Church,
Assisi Institute, Sagayapuram, Karumandurai P.O, Karlrayan Hills – 636138, Salem Dt.
Tel: +91 4292 239170

Koneripatti (Est: 1900)
St. Mary’s Church,
Koneripatty(P.O), Salem (Dt) – 636113,
Tel: +91 4282 226004

Kongrapatti (Est: 1997)
St. Sebastian Church,
V.Kongarapatty, Via Kadayampatty Salem (Dt), 636 351
Tel: +91 9443516910

Kootatturpatti (Est: 2010)
St. Sabastian Church,
Kootatturpatti P.O. Valapadi TK, Salem Dt – 636139.

Kosavampatti (Est: 1934)
St. Francis Xavier’s Church,
S.Udupam(P.O.), Namakkal (Dt) – 637019
Tel: +91 4286 244313

Kumarapalayam (Est: 2012)
Our Lady Of Rosary Church,
J.K.K. Natarajar Nagar, Kumarapalayam – 638 183
Namakkal Dt.

Kunnamalai (Est: 1936)
Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Church,
Kunnamalai (P.O.), Kandampalayam Via, Namakkal (Dt) – 637203
Tel: +91 4268 260632

Manjakultai (Est: 2012)
St. Joseph’s Church,
Graigmore, Manjakultai P.O, Yercaud – 636602
Salem Dt.

Marilapalayam (Est: 2010)
St. Sebastian Church,
Marilapalayam, Via. Mettur Dam – 636 452, Salem Dt

Mathiyampatti (Est: 1927)
St. Mary Magdalene Church,
Mamundi (P.O.), Namakkal (Dt) 637 503
Tel: +91 4287 260223

Mettur Dam (Est: 1902)
Our Lady of Assumption Church,
Mettur dam (p.o.), Salem (dt) – 636401
Tel: +91 4298 244345

Nagalur (Est: 2010)
Sagayamatha Church,
Nagalur P.O, Yercaud – 636 602. Salem Dt

Namagiripettai (Est: 2011)
St. Joseph’s Church,
Namagiripettai P.O. Via. Rasipuram – 637406. Namakkul Dr.

Namakkal (Est: 1928)
Christ the King Church,
Namakkal (Dt), 637 001
Tel: +91 4286 223537

Pallipalayam (Est: 2008)
St. Antony’s Charch,
TVS Medu, Thiruchengode Road, Pallipalauam P.O. Erode – 638 006
Tel: +91 9442749177

Paramathi (Est: 2001)
Amala Annai Church,
Velur Road, Paramathi, Namakkal-Dt
Tel: +91 4268 251699

Perunkurrichi (Est: 1942)
Our Lady of Lourdes Church,
Perunkurichy(P.O.), Paramathi (Tk), Namakkal (Dt) – 637201
Tel: +91 4288 242080

Pettaipalayam (Est: 1975)
Pettaipalayam (P.O.), Namakkal (Dt) – 637015
Tel: +91 4286 255852

Pudupalayam (Est: 1973)
Assumption Church,
Pudupalayam (P.O.), Rasipuram (Tk), Namakkal (Dt) 637408
Tel: +91 4287 – 223732

Pungavadi (Est: 2004)
Our Lady of Headlth Church,
Pungavadi (P.O), Attur Talik, Salem Dt – 636 141
Tel: +91 4282 275111

Rasipuram (Est: 1989)
Our Lady of Lourdes Church,
Rasipuram (P.O.), Namakkal (Dt) – 637408
Tel: +91 4287 226766

Sadayampalayam (Est: 1972)
St. Sebastian Church,
Samiampalayam (P.O.) Salem (Dt) – 638183
Tel: +91 4288 263022

Salem Camp (Est: 1947)
St. Joseph Church,
Salem Camp, Salem (Dt) 636 456
Tel: +91 4298 – 240758

Sankari (Est: 1975)
St. Antony’s Church,
Sangagiri (P.O.), Salem (Dt) – 637301
Tel: +91 4283 – 241234

Sanyasigundu (Est: 1990)
St. Joseph Church,
Sanyasigundu, Kichipalayam (P.O.), Salem – 636015
Tel: +91 427 – 2261557

Savariyarpalayam (Est: 1980)
St. Francis Xavier Church,
Saveriarpalayam (P.O.), Mettur (TK), Salem (Dt) – 636303
Tel: +91 4298 – 251891

Settipatti (Est: 1890)
St. Peter and Paul Church,
R.C. Settipatti (P.O.), Salem (Dt) 636 455
Tel: +91 4290 – 222285

Semmedu (Est: 2004)
Infact Jesus Church,
Karayankadu (P.O.), Vasalur Road, Kolli Hills – 637411. Namakkal Dt
Tel: +91 4286 – 247497

Sendamangalam (Est: 2004)
Arockia Matha Church,
Ghandhipuram, Sendamangala – 637 409. Namakkal Dt
Tel: +91 4286 – 292088

Sendarapatti (Est: 1990)
Sacred Heart Church,
Siluvaigiri, Thagarapudur (P.O.). Salem (Dt) – 636110
Tel: +91 4290 – 228777

Shevapet (Est: 1858)
St. Mary’s Co- Cathedral,
Shevapet (P.O.), Salem – 636 002.
Tel: +91 427 – 2218882

Siluvaigiri (Est: 2006)
R.C. Church,
Siluvaigiri, Thagarapudhr P.O. Gangavalli Tk, Salem – 636110
Tel: +91 42828 – 295234

Solasiramani (Est: 2005)
Our Lady of Good Health Church,
Solasiramani, Pachampalayam (P.O.), Paramathi Taluk, Namakkal Dt – 637 210
Tel: +91 4288 – 222164

S.P.B Colony (Est: 1982)
Holy Trinity Church,
Spb Colony, Erode – 638010, Namakkal (Dt)
Tel: +91 4286 – 223537

Steel Plant (Est: 1993)
St. Jude’s Church,
Mohan Nagar, Salem – 636 030
Tel: +91 427 – 2383587

Suramangalam (Est: 1924)
Sacred Heart Church,
Suramangalam (P.O.), Salem – 636005
Tel: +91 427 – 2445480

Thalaivasal (Est: 2004)
St. Joseph’s Church,
Thalaaivasal P.O. Salem – 636112
Tel: +91 4282 – 230461

Tharamangalam (Est: 1980)
St. Charles Boromeo Church,
Tharamangalam (P.O.), Salem – (Dt) 636502
Tel: +91 4290 – 252210

Thirumanur (Est: 2010)
John the Baptist Church,
Thirumanur – 636202, Via Mangalapuram, Salem Dt

Thumbal (Est: 1978)
St. Mary’s Church,
Thumbal (P.O.), Salem (Dt) 636 114
Tel: +91 4292 – 245949

Thiruchengode (Est: 1936)
St. Mary’s Church,
Tiruchengode (P.O.), Namakkal (Dt) – 637211
Tel: +91 4288 – 284900

Udayapatti (Est: 1997)
Our Lady of Good Health Church,
Udyappatty – Salem.
Res: Jyothi Dharshan,
Ayothiapatnam (P.O.), Salem – 636 103
Tel: +91 427-243032

Valapaddy (Est: 1958)
St. Pius X Church,
Valappady (P.O.), Salem (Dt) – 636115
Tel: +91 4292 – 222342

Vellapalayam (Est: 1970)
St. Mary Magdalene Church,
Thevur (Via), Kaveripatty (P.O.), Salem (Dt) – 637104
Tel: +91 4283 – 232494

Yercaud (Est: 1934)
Sacred Heart Church,
Yercaud (P.O.), Salem (Dt) – 636601
Tel: +91 4281 – 222348

Salem Diocese

The Diocese of Salem comprises of civil districts of Salem and Namakkal. In 1623 Southern Kongunadu, part of Salem District, under Madurai Nayakkars accepted Christianity, through Fr. Robert De Nobili, S.J. and his successors, the Portuguese Jesuits of the Madurai Mission. About 1654, the Italian Jesuits of the Mysore mission had a residence near Hosur. In 1687, the Mysore Mission laboured in the entire area of the present diocese. Fr. De Cunha died in 1711 at Kapiganathi near Hosur. Even after the suppression of their Society, the Jesuits under the jurisdiction of Cranganore, worked to the last in the field.

In 1785, during Tippu Sulttan’s rule, Msgr. Champenois, Superior of the Malabar Mission, was entrusted by Rome with the Mysore Mission, which took care of Salem. He was the first Bishop to visit Salem. Salem Mission was brought under the Brirtish rule, and he left in charge there “Fr. Abbe Dubois”, who strove to restore the devastated mission. From 1797, Kartenaras from Cranganore intruded into Salem till they left about 1833.

The area continued to depend on the Coromandal mission. Later it came under the Vicariate Apostolic of Pondicherry, which in 1886 became an Archdiocese. This set up continued till 1930 except for Hosur Taluk which had been entrusted from 1861 to the area of Mysore and for the southeast which was joined in 1899 to the Diocese of Kumbakonam.

On May 26, 1930 the Diocese of Salem was erected from the parts of Salem District and from parts under the jurisdiction of Pondicherry Diocese (6 parishes), Kumbakonam Diocese (3 parishes), Mysore Diocese (1 parish) and in 1943 the Western portion of Mettur Taluk (2 parishes) was added.

In 1949, the Diocese of Salem was entrusted to an Indian, its second Bishop Rt. Rev. V.S. Selvanather. Diocese of Dharmapuri was bifurcated from the Diocese of Salem according to the communique released on February 28,1997. The Holy Father appointed Msgr. Joseph Antony Irudaya Raj, SDB as the first Bishop of Dharmapuri.


Salem Cathdral

The parish of Arisipalayam was bifurcated from Shevapet in 1953 and was erected as St. Francis Xavier’s parish. The chapel of St. Francis Xavier’s Minor Seminary served as the parish church till 1991.

The New Cathedral was consecrated on 27th November 1991, and dedicated to Infant Jesus. This magnificent Cathedral was meticulously planned and carefully constructed with strenuous efforts by late Bishop Most Rev. Dr. Michael B. Duraisamy, as his last monument and gift to the diocese of Salem. Very Rev. Fr. S. Amalraj was asked to continue as the first Parish Priest of the Infant Jesus Cathedral parish, since he was already the Parish Priest of St. Xavier’s Church at Arisipalayam. He was in-charge of the Parish till to 13th June 1992. Rev. Fr. S. Savari was appointed as the second Parish Priest. He continued to be the parish Priest up to 20th July 1998. Rev. Fr. M.S. Martin succeeded Fr. S. Savari from 1998 till 2004. Fr. S. Pushpanathan was parish priest till 2009. Fr. A. Singarayan is the Present parish priest.

The cathedral Parish can be divided into two main areas: Arisipalayam and Peramanur. Omalur main Road is dividing these two areas. There are five sectors in Arisipalayam area: Arisipalayam, Mullakkadu, Saminathapuram, Angammal Colony and Pallapatti-Meiyanur. In Peramanur area also there are five sectors Peramanur, Chinnapudur, Sankar Nagar, Fairlands and Alagapuram.

Mostly teachers, Government Employees, Business people, a few doctors, lawyers and Engineers live in Peramanur area. Carpenters, Masons, Daily Coolies, Merchants, Teachers with few doctors and engineers reside at Arisipalayam area.

Parish Administration

Parish Priest is Responsible for the administration of the parish. He shares his responsibility with the assistant Parish Priest. Apart from this, there is the parish council with 25 members, representatives of various sections of the parish. Every month in the second week, the parish council meets to plan and discuss the matters that pertain to the parish.
Bishop’s House
P.O.Box 703, 2, Court Road,
Maravaneri, Salem – 636 007
Tamilnadu, INDIA

Bishop’s House (Office) 0427 2415641

Fax 0427 2411517
Procurator 0427 2420148

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Church Of Holy Euhcarist, Nallur, Tirupur

History of Nallur Parish

Bifurcation of Nallur from the Parish of Tirupur

There are two parishes in Tirupur, one at Kumar Nagar and another at the town which is close to railway junction. The Parish at the centre of the town is the first and the biggest and it has three big sub stations and the number of catholic families is little more than 2000. Tirupur is now called “Hosiery Town” and the importance of the town goes down to 1900 when there was the cotton market and gradually emerging as a textile town. Though the presence of Christianity dates back much before than 1900, the small chapel was built for the first time in the existing parish church was in 1902. The town was instituted as a separate parish in the year 1934. Since then the town got expanded and so the catholic population and another Parish was instituted within the town in the year1982. Now after a gap of almost 30 years, Nallur has been made as a separate parish, dedicated to the most HOLY EUCHARIST.


The new parish bifurcated from this parish has now more than 600 families. The new parish has a sub-station St.Antony’s Church, Veerapondi with 60 Families.

Construction of the parish church is now going on.

First Parish Priest is Rev.Fr A L Sundar Raj

Mass Timings:

Weekdays : Mon- Sat 6.30 am
Sunday : 7.30 a.m, (Tamil)

Church Of Holy Euhcarist
No.1, Narkarunai Nagar,
Lakshmi Nagar Extn, Muthanampalayam Road,
Nallur, Tirupur – 641 606

Phone No. +91 98422 20904

(Estd. 2011 – Area: 25 Kms)

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Our Lady of Fatima Church (Infant Jesus Church), Peraiyur Road, Usilampatti, Madurai

Usilampatti was an ancient mission of the Archdiocese. It was the missionary center for the “Piranmalai Kallar” community. This center originally consisted of the present parishes such as Karumattur, Thirumangalam and Theni. At his period of Office, Fr. Vedamanickam built a new church dedicated to Our Lady of Fatima and the rectory. Now the present parish has 144 families and 728 is the Catholic population of the parish. Main occupation of the parishioners is agriculture and some are teachers. The new parochial church was constructed in 1996 and the new presbytery was constructed in 1997.

Our Lady of Fatima Church,
Infant Jesus Church,
Peraiyur Road,
Usilampatti – 625 532,
Madurai – Dt.
Tel: +91 4552 252103

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